Infusionsoft Secret Sauce: Part Five – Crafting a Position Statement


Stand your ground, stake your claim and pick a side – by crafting a position statement. You have a prospective customer that has a problem that needs to be solved, you can provide a solution, but how does the prospect know that if they haven't talked to you. By reading all your content? That would be your ultimate outcome, but it is not reality, because your prospect is busy. You need a few lines that state whether you are for or against an issue, topic, method or idea.

Have you ever been asked what you do? You open your mouth and wonder where to start, only to talk about yourself. NOT! You answer with a position statement!

In this article, part five of the series, you will learn how to carefully craft a solid position statement.

What does this have to do with Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft helps you deliver a new product, a new service or a message about your startup. How can you effectively and efficiently educate and nurture your Infusionsoft list without a concise position statement?

First let's recap. Keep in mind, that at this stage, you have already defined your perfect prospective customer (avatar) and you know what their problems are – you even completed your own SWOT analysis. Now you need a concise, compelling statement that says it all – without rambling or grasping for words.

Furthermore, a great position statement will help your writers, designers and campaign creators stay on point. Your position statement is an internal tool that helps you maintain focus on your brand.

Your position statement is intended to garner a reaction when a prospect asks you, “what does your company do”?

REMINDER: The secret sauce to successful use of Infusionsoft, or any other SaaS automated marketing platform, does not contain tactical marketing knowledge as its key ingredient. The most successful users of Infusionsoft are smart digital marketers that have a defined strategy. They do not start with a bunch of widgets, gadgets, plugins, API or other integration tools in order to succeed at digital marketing. They start with strategy, not with tactics!

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Here is how you avoid paying tens of thousands of dollars going to seminars, live events, paid webinars and corporate universities in order to be successful with digital marketing while using Infusionsoft as one of your tools.

Infusionsoft Secret Sauce: Crafting a Position Statement

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Strategic planning is an organization’s process of defining its direction and making decisions on allocating its various resources to pursue this strategy to achieve the company’s stated mission and vision. This service digs deep into your processes, systems and strategy. During your session, we make sure you have defined, rigidly and systematically, your perfect prospective customer. This definition must include the obvious demographics as well as the psycho-graphics. We then test your willpower to prove that your approach, tactics, messages and core offerings match what that perfect prospective customer is looking for. It is absolutely imperative that you understand and can articulate your plan, vision and position statement effectively and with fire in your gut. We help you accomplish this.

Creating a position statement from scratch is not an easy task. However, armed with a well defined avatar, knowledge of what problems they have and how your core offer can provide a viable solution to their problem Рthis critical ingredient to your Infusionsoft Secret Sauce Рwill become much easier by following a formula that has those components at its foundation. 

Be mindful of the following items when crafting your position statement:

The Formula for crafting a position statement

“For [target customers with these problems], the [company or brand name] is the leading [category differentiation] that provides [unique benefit] unlike [competitors] because [this is what we believe] and [this is how we are unique].”

It is important to understand that the above formula is to be used as a guide, not as an absolute flow of your position statement. Before we show you some samples of well crafted, on-point position statements that make sense and paint a picture into the mind of a prospective customer we would like to thank Greg Head, Chief Marketing Officer Forever at Infusionsoft, who helped guide Viral Solutions deeper into excellence through his brilliance and willingness to collaborate and refine our own strategy.

Five Sample Position Statements

“Viral Solutions helps overwhelmed small business owners duplicate themselves so business can be fun again.”

“Infusionsoft is the leading sales and marketing software that helps true small businesses to get organized, grow sales and save time.”

“For those seeking relief from digestive issues, Dr. Liz Cruz, is the leading expert in digestive health, teaching you the truth on how to alleviate your symptoms, unlike others who just want to put a miracle pill in your hand. This is your life, it is your time – get it back!”

“For the franchisee that feels misunderstood and it time strapped, Funding Solutions makes the financing process feel smooth and painless. Funding Solutions knows your brand and how unique your challenges are. We work for you to properly structure transactions that help fuel your growth and keep you on the road to success.”

“For CFO's, audit executives and other leaders fighting fraud, John Hall is your best choice for tailored turn-by-turn instructions to your Anti-Fraud Battle Plan. Unlike the big firms, we have the answers that will unshade the truth and manage your fraud risks.”

As you can see the formula helps you find the words that are meaningful to your preferred audience. The formula is then used to rearrange the statement so it flows. It must be effective, it must contain the key components that are relevant to your brand and core offer. Most importantly, your position statement has to be your point of differentiation. It must be meaningful and convincing.

It is not designed to answer all your prospects questions. You know you have nailed it when you answer the question, “what does your company do?” – and you get one of two reactions:

  1. What do you mean by [insert benefit to learn more about]?
  2. While answering with your position statement, they gaze over your shoulder or act disinterested. [perfect – they are not your prospect – you just segmented your list]

In thirty seconds or less you just segmented your list of perfect prospective customers. After all, segmentation is the key to building your digital marketing machine.

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We help overwhelmed small business owners duplicate themselves – so business can be fun again.
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