Infusionsoft Secret Sauce: Part Three – Psychology of the Buyer


Today's online buyer has a perceived advantage, called anonymity. Today's belly-to-belly salesperson still gets to read their prospective customer. In both of these situations, it pays to understand the psychology of the buyer. The online buyer has anonymity at their disposal, they get to check out and size up the core offer before they show their hand. The role of the physical salesperson now answers all the final questions just before they sign the papers. As a 35 year veteran of both the face-to-face and online sales world, I still see a huge need to understand the subtle buying phases that unfold in both environments.

What does this have to do with Infusionsoft?

Those who have perfected their home brewed Infusionsoft secret sauce never under estimate the psychology of a perfect prospective buyer as they move through the four phases. Effective and efficient use of Infusionsoft, as with many other similar platforms, requires an understanding of how your customer migrates through the phases of making a decision. In Infusionsoft you will be building campaigns that process your prospect through a funnel from a site visit, to a lead magnet opt in, to trip wire, to core offer and upward to your profit maximizer. At each phase, your process needs to know when to close – that close may be via an ask on a thank you page or a phone call from your sales team. Knowing what phase or stage your prospective buyer is at can be critical to how you build your Infusionsoft campaigns.

In our previous articles, we discussed that one of the keys to success was the demographic definition of your perfect prospective customer. See Identify your target market. In article two we discussed the pain, problem and solution.

In this article, part three of the series, we will identify the four phases of buyer psychology in the online world.

REMINDER: The secret sauce to successful use of Infusionsoft, or any other SaaS automated marketing platform, does not contain tactical marketing knowledge as its key ingredient. The most successful users of Infusionsoft are smart digital marketers that have a defined strategy. They do not start with a bunch of widgets, gadgets, plugins, API or other integration tools in order to succeed at digital marketing. They start with strategy, not with tactics!

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Infusionsoft Secret Sauce: Psychology of the Online Buyer

infusionsoft secret sauce

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Know your avatar's buying phase based upon their questions, actions and inaction: The best use of today's sophisticated sales and marketing automation software packages, such as Infusionsoft, is nurturing and educating a prospect. Moving your prospective buyer from the top of the funnel through to the bottom of the funnel. Sometimes that process is mechanical, but more often than not it is emotional – because that is the trigger for how the vast majority of prospects buy.

Here are the four phases of online buyers, and brick-and-mortar buyers, as experienced over 35 years.

  1. They Have Goals: These are usually subconscious and are rarely verbalized. Your prospect is in the planning phase. You will hear words and phrases that make you feel like they have no solid plan, they may just have an idea. In the online world this is where you use Infusionsoft to educate on what they have to gain from your offer, how your offer is a logical choice and how your offer can end their fears. It is easy for the salesperson to spend too much time with a prospective buyer at this phase. Your close opportunity is 10% at best.
  2. Answers They Want: At phase two your prospective buyer has questions that have a deeper foundation than phase one. Here they want answers to their questions but not unsolicited advice. At phase two you want to answer their questions with a tone that exudes confidence – like you hear this everyday. When you speak to their questions it affirms they found the right firm. The separator here is that you not only have a solution but your solution comes with a plan. Again, your sales and marketing automation software can deliver your trip wire here, with the idea that you plan to break that mental barrier between prospect and customer for very little money. Your sales team at this phase can probably close 25%, but would best spend their time playing the role of professional educator.
  3. Fear, pain and problems: At this phase their is something in your prospect's life or business that they do not want. They are seeking relief. When you market to this phase you make it hurt. However, please understand this critical point, they are not moving to phase four until they are assured they cannot fix it themselves. Know that their ego is often in the way and it has to be set aside. Your sales team needs to be prepared to move along. If they bought your trip wire online but passed on your core offer, you will use your Infusionsoft platform to move them on too. Take them back to another topical engagement series. Your sales team can most likely close 50% of these prospects, however that may take pressure and often leaves you with a skeptical client.
  4. No Relief in Sight: This pain will not go away no matter how hard they try to solve it themselves. Matter of fact they may have gone to your competition in phase three above – you want that to happen by the way! They are now seeking professional relief, they just came from the amateur. At phase four you must communicate a solid plan while also in compassionate control. Your true value is in removing frustrations. You know that any information you give at this phase is worthless with out implementation. Your sales team can close over 80% of these. Infusionsoft can close with your core offer at an equal rate, unless your core offer has to be hand delivered. Be ready to immediately grab your profit maximizer!


Infusionsoft is an amazing tool. However, without the complete understanding of marketing strategy and the four psychological phases of a buyer, that tool can overwhelm you and leave you frustrated as you wait for it to deliver customers. Those who have perfected their home brewed Infusionsoft secret sauce never under estimate the psychology of a perfect prospective buyer as they move through the four phases. Effective and efficient use of Infusionsoft demands this knowledge. The platform can outsell your seals team, if you train it like a professional sales team.

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