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Ever thought to yourself, “If I could just find the right tools, I could finally crush it with my business?”

We all have. But here's the problem…

Tools don't make a business unstoppable.

Want to know more about how we're transforming businesses just like yours every day? Then read on…

If you're like most business owners, you've had some times when you felt like you were on top of the world. Business was booming, finding and converting leads seemed effortless, and you were on a clear path to the top.

But then, you've had your share of challenging times, too. You've probably had months (or even years) when, no matter what you tried or how much of your time and money you invested, you just couldn't seem to make any headway.

In fact, there have most likely been at least a few times when you worried that your business was going to “crash and burn” altogether.

You don't have to admit it to us.

But inside, you're feeling a little queasy just thinking about all the struggles you've been through so far.

And because you're reading this page today, there's a good chance that your business is going through one of those frustrating periods right now.

You've probably noticed yourself thinking (or saying) things like:

Now, that last one is a huge obstacle when it comes to smoothing out the “roller coaster” and giving you the leverage to quickly and consistently scale your business and grow your profits.


Because adding another “tactic” is NOT going to bring you any closer to your business goals.

It doesn't matter what “must-have” tool, software, gadget, app, or whatever else your consultant recommends…

…it's not going to make a difference until you address what's really standing in your way.

How long have you been looking for that one “magic bullet” to take your business to the next level?

There's no reason to feel embarrassed if you've been chasing “revolutionary” tools, gadgets, and other can't-miss “unicorns” for years.

It's what virtually every marketing consultant in the industry hangs their hat on, and it's really all they know.

So it's what they teach business owners like you. But when these tactics don't work, they still get to keep the fees you've paid them…and you're the one left to clean up the mess!

That hardly seems right.

Now, that's not to say that consultants are intentionally trying to mislead you. They genuinely believe that if they can hand you the next “holy grail,” they'll be able to take credit for transforming your business.

It's just that, because they have limited experience and skill sets, they just don't know any better.

Most of the “marketing consultants” actively looking for new clients today fall into one of three categories:

  1. “Wizard of Oz” solopreneurs: These are marketing “experts” who go to great lengths to give the appearance of having a massive team of professionals… but who are farming out virtually everything they offer to overseas freelancers who work cheaply (and produce cheap work).
  2. “One-trick pony” website builders/graphic design specialists: These folks are fantastic at creating functional, attractive websites and professional-looking graphics… but beyond that, they're merely telling you what they think will work. Most of these people have very little marketing or business experience beyond freelancing, so they don't have the real-world know-how to give you the direction you need!
  3. IT/tech “ninjas”: Like website builders and graphic designers, these people are amazing when they “stay in their own lane.” They can write mind-blowing code that wrings conversions out of sketchy “abandoned cart” tactics… but when it comes to running a thriving (or even sustainable) business, they really don't have much to offer.

If you think back to the consultants you've hired in the past, you'll probably pick out which category each one fell into pretty easily.

And then you'll spend a minute or two wondering why you ever hired them in the first place!

So it's not hard to see why you've ended up with a “just one more tool” mentality. That's what all the “experts” out there are recommending, after all.

But if you haven't found that “magic bullet” yet… why are you still searching for it?

There's a proven way to kick-start growth and optimize revenues. And it has nothing to do with tactics, tools, apps, or gadgets.

We're Viral Solutions, and we've been helping business owners – hardworking, driven, do-whatever-it-takes people just like you – sail past their sales and revenue goals for more than 7 years. But more importantly, our team is formally educated, and we have spent decades in the trenches – being salespeople, having C-level responsibility for millions in revenue, and supporting our families only when our clients are successful!

We've seen every “tactic” that's come down the pike…

And what we've witnessed is that, every time an “expert” releases a new tactic, all of these marketing consultants start pushing it like it's the cure for aging itself!

We don't do things that way at all.

At Viral Solutions, we've proven that strategy is the key to kick-starting growth; attracting your ideal long-term clients and customers; and building the income, legacy, and impact you truly want for your business.

And that's going to take you a LOT farther than dropping $5K on the latest SaaS tool.

While tools and gadgets are nice to have, they're kind of like the proverbial “icing on the cake.”

If all you're using to build your business tactics…then you don't really have a “cake,” period. You've just got a mess of sugary frosting – empty “calories” that don't fuel your business at all!

But when you have a solid growth strategy that factors in every aspect of your business… you get to scale your sales and profits consistently… while your competitors are busy congratulating themselves on being “early adopters” of whatever tool is dominating the marketplace right now!

What can a customized, data-driven growth strategy do for your business?

When you switch from a “tactic-focused” approach to a strategy-focused plan, you give your business the leverage to move past obstacles and follow a clear, unobstructed course to success:

Here are just a few of the ways the strategies we create can give you leverage:


Spend just one day with us as we perform your on-site strategy review, and here's what you'll get:

And much more!


Thank you, Viral Solutions, for your time last week reviewing our business strategy and marketing. We feel we are finally on the right track. The strategy meeting was right on point with narrowing down our target market and USP. You were able to help us really pinpoint our clients' pain so we could move forward with an effective marketing plan. It is apparent that you have been doing this for a long time and are very well versed in overall business strategy and marketing. We look forward to continuing to work with you for many years to come.” – Pam Fox

It's hard to find a marketing agency that has the real-world experience they have at Viral Solutions LLC. It's obvious they know the issues any small business faces – the solutions match the need. They are correct – they aren't like any other IT slash marketing agency. How many great ones do you meet that are also genuinely intuitive, inspirational people? They are just what our company needed to get back on track. Their suggestions were insightful and were realistic to implement. I'd recommend their services to any company going through a rough spot, or even if things are running smoothly. They really brought us together, increasing both productivity and revenue. I highly recommend doing business with these guys NOW!” – Mary Ganis, Ganis Insurance Services, Inc., Torrance, CA

Wow! Exceptional work by the team at Viral Solutions! Great, personal, and hands on assistance and overall business experience. Very impressed with how they give insightful and very useful advice. Even in training for our staff! Highly recommend for small businesses, especially starting out. If you want to start right, start Viral Solutions! Very personal yet professional in how business is handled. They take the time to take care of our needs. Two thumbs up.” – Paul Marcellino

What can you expect from your on-site review?

When you schedule your private, full-day marketing review (our team will spend at least 7 hours with you), our experienced professionals will dive into your current business systems and practices. They'll assess your current market position, take inventory of the processes and strategies you're currently using, and identify areas where you can improve rapidly and cost-effectively.

We don't come in with a “one-size-fits-all” attitude toward marketing and growing your business (we'll leave that to the marketing consultants who still believe that tactics and tools are the keys to winning in your industry).

Instead, we'll show up ready to optimize your unique business… and to help you unlock its unique potential so you can “set the bar” for competitors hoping to grab a piece of the market share.

Here's just a sample of what you'll get when we conduct your full-day on-site marketing review:

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