Are you on the hunt for an agency that provides social media marketing services?

Do you need help navigating the ever-changing world of social media?

Do you want to reach and engage those in your target audience?

Does it help you to know you are not alone? In the digital age, understanding how to encourage real, lasting connections through social media is a must.

But it doesn’t take long for most business owners to realize that social media is harder than it looks.

The problem is figuring out how to reach your audience, with the right message, at the right time, and on the right platform.

Remember the first rule of Social Media…

Social Media is Social!


Social Media Services

We will develop a content calendar and work with you to strategize your social media game plan. This includes reviewing campaigns, determining the content needs, and optimizing which platforms to use.

We will develop graphics, copy, edit videos, and create Reels and Shorts — all determined by your content strategy.

We will schedule and post your content based on the most optimal times for your audience.

Engaging with your community is important! We work with you to learn your Brand's voice and engage with your online community to further build and strengthen it.

Monthly, yearly, and campaign-focused data reports to determine how your content is performing.

We develop a paid advertising strategy that works cohesively with your organic content strategy. We will create and manage ads for you.

Have a specific campaign you need help with? We can create a content plan to ensure you have a successful campaign based on your goals.

But handling social media on your own can become discouraging. It’s not just about applying the right tools but improving interactions across every platform and touchpoint. 


Our Approach

Getting the help you need to develop a solid social media presence can be simple. It starts with an audit of what you are currently doing. Here is what the process looks like.



Fill out the form below to request an audit of your current use of social media.

One of our Obsessed Marketers will get to work to audit your current social media presence, content and utilization.



Once your audit is complete, one of our Obsessed Marketers will reach out to schedule a meeting to review your audit and answer any questions you may have.



Once you have reviewed your audit with one of our Obsessed Marketers, decide which items to tackle first. They will review with you what changes will make the most impact, as well as how to navigate the ever-changing landscape and platforms. If you need help, we are here for you!


It's time to GROW your online community…

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We have used so many ‘so called’ online social media experts and been terribly disappointed at every turn. THEN WE FOUND Viral Solutions and our world changed. This team systematizes everything you need to build your social media audience and drive traffic to your site. Not only that, their content creation team are second to none. From a standing start, we had them writing blog articles for us that required very little if no editing before releasing them to our site. I could not recommend Viral Solutions more strongly to anyone considering social engagement for their audience.

– Sean McDonald

CEO of

What You Can Expect

When you have a social media presence that’s informed by data, has consistent messaging, and encourages engagement, you’re in a better position to grow your online community.    

The difference between a good social media presence, and a great social media presence is time and commitment. Having an obsessed social media marketer on your team doesn't hurt either! If you need help, we are here for you. From designing to deploying – our team will do everything!

Viral Solutions’ offers full service social media marketing. Our services include:

  • Access to a team of talented social media experts, copywriters, graphic designers, and more. Our team becomes your team! We will design, post, review, test, modify and optimize.
  • One-on-one meetings with a dedicated project manager to plan, review, and discuss feedback.
  • Quarterly data reports so that you can view the results of your social media investment.
  • Recommendations on how to further improve your company’s online presence.
  • Our team uses advanced tools and reporting. Depending on your project, you will have access to sophisticated content calendars, to advanced single post attribution metrics.

Stop feeling discouraged that your social media efforts aren’t gaining any real traction. Stop worrying that the latest change in Facebook or Instagram will stop your posts from being seen.

Instead, extend your reach, share your story, and get data-backed results alongside a team of marketing experts dedicated to helping you turn customers into raving fans!

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