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In today’s world, you simply cannot have a digital marketing campaign without a social media presence. Social media has fast become one of the top tools for businesses of all sizes and industries to create new exposure, interact with customers and ultimately drive sales.

Part of finding success on social media is understanding the differences among the major platforms and custom-tailoring your marketing approach for each one. Viral Solutions helps you build customer relationships on platforms like:

  • Facebook. The largest social network of them all (and the most versatile for marketing), Facebook is an absolutely essential marketing tool and gives you personal access to the largest number of users you’ll find on any social media platform. Its advertising possibilities and analytics are also the most advanced of any of these choices.
  • Twitter. Get your message out there and build connections in 140 characters or less. Twitter also includes the ability to create custom ads and custom communication with customers and clients.
  • LinkedIn. The go-to online professional network, LinkedIn is especially useful for B2B companies wishing to establish their expertise in their field. Publish custom content directly to LinkedIn, get involved in interesting discussions in LinkedIn groups and network with other people and companies in your field.
  • Google Plus. Google Plus’s integration with Google’s local business listings, reviews, YouTube and more make it an excellent search engine optimization tool, as well as a network on which you are able to connect with your customers.

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