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Common eCommerce Mistakes | Not investing in paid marketing channels – Part #6

paid marketing channels

Paid channel marketing is on fire and cannot be ignored. The online marketing environment is now almost entirely paid-to-play. Unfortunately, many ecommerce businesses are too scared to take the plunge and do not view online advertising (pay-per-click, search engine marketing, etc.) as an investment.   In 2016 digital marketing agencies reported that 44% of their… Continue Reading

Certified Content Marketing Specialist | Get the course!

content marketing

Among the various certification courses available through Digital Marketer is Content Marketing Mastery, which allows you to become a certified content marketing specialist. You’ll learn how to drive quality traffic from platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and more! Certified Content Marketing Specialist Powered by Digital Marketer. This course gives you a step-by-step plan for… Continue Reading

Common eCommerce Mistakes | No Perceived Value – Part #5

value proposition

In this series we are discussing what this digital marketing agency, Viral Solutions, has witnessed over the years when it comes to mistakes made by businesses with an e-commerce presence. So far we have written about buyer personas, written strategic plans, understanding buyer decisions and more. In this article we are moving on to perceived… Continue Reading

Google AdWords Series: Using the Right Keyword Groups and Matches

google adwords

Google AdWords is one of the most crucial tools for small business owners to optimize their digital marketing. However, many entrepreneurs jump into using it without a full understanding of what they’re doing. Google AdWords, when used strategically and correctly, can be an outstanding tool in your arsenal to help draw more attention to your… Continue Reading

Mobile Use Continues to Grow, but Desktops Still Relevant

Conversion rates for desktop

Recent reports show Americans are relying on smartphones more than ever before. It’s hardly surprising given the dizzying arrange of tasks these pocket computers can perform. However, conversion rates for mobile users still remain low compared to desktop users. For businesses looking to hone their marketing strategies, it’s important to make your product or service… Continue Reading

Common eCommerce Mistakes | Don’t talk to real buyers – Part #4

surveying a customer

Hopefully by now you’ve researched your customer from a demographic basis and created your ultimate buyer persona. Afterall, creating a buyer persona has been used by marketing firms for decades and has been an effective digital marketing tactic for many years. A customer avatar helps you develop products and services your targeted market needs, which… Continue Reading