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Google Penalizing Pop-Ups | “intrusive interstitials”

google penalizes popups

Google restated in an article that was recently updated (Google Webmaster Central Blog January 10, 2017) that their goal was to drive their search customer to pages that provide the best answers the quickest, regardless of device. Google ranks sites that best match the intent of the search query with relevant content that is easily accessible… Continue Reading

Authority Content Series: How to Write High-Quality Content

Quality Content

Welcome back to our ongoing series about creating authority content for your business. Last week we discussed what exactly authority content is, and how it has become one of the most important digital marketing trends for businesses in all industries. Today we discuss the first step to developing authority through content, which is by creating… Continue Reading

Common eCommerce Mistakes | Decades of experience – Part #1

Common eCommerce Mistakes

E-Commerce is most likely a major profit center for your business. However, you’ve seen more and more competitors enter the arena in an attempt to remove your edge. To maintain that advantage you need a planned approach followed by relentless execution. We see quite a few mistakes as we analyze the e-commerce platforms of prospective… Continue Reading

Building Authority Through Great Content

content authority

One of the biggest trends in the world of digital marketing today is “content authority,” the idea of building yourself as a trusted source in your company’s particular field. Over the course of the next several weeks, we are going to discuss in detail the major components of authority content, which include quality, trust, branding… Continue Reading

CRO Series: Analytics to Help Track Your CRO Success

google analytics

We have reached the fifth and final part of our conversion rate optimization (CRO) series. So far we have discussed in detail what exactly CRO is, why it is important, how to create target buyer personas and how to reach out to those personas, including the use of conversion funnels. Today we bring home the… Continue Reading

CRO Series: Creating a High-Quality Conversion Funnel

Conversion Funnel

Welcome back to the fourth part of our five-part series on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Over the last several weeks we have discussed what exactly CRO is, how you can establish ideal buyer personas, and how you can better connect with those ideal customers. Today, we turn our attention to the types of methods you… Continue Reading

CRO Series: Connecting With Your Ideal Customers

Customer service and care, patron protection, customer personalization, individual customer, care for employees, CRM, social customer service, customer retention, customer relationship.

Welcome back to our five-part series focused on conversion rate optimization (CRO). Last time, we discussed how to develop a buyer persona: a sort of model of the ideal customer you would have at your business. Today we discuss the next step: actually reaching out and connecting with your target demographics to encourage them to… Continue Reading