Testimonials: Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

“We are so grateful that we hired Viral Solutions to work with us on our nonprofit marketing efforts. They have taken the time to get to know us, our voice and our served individuals. They are professional and compassionate partners.”

– Theresa Valentino, Director of Development, The Arc of Monmouth

“I have had the chance to work with Viral Solutions for over a year. They are a responsive professional organization who produces results. I would recommend them to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.”

– Sam Gaylord, Business Owner and Attorney, GaylordPopp.com

“WOW! Exceptional work by the team at Viral Solutions! Great, personal, and hands on assistance and overall business experience. Even a phenomenal job in training for our staff! Highly recommended for all businesses. If you want to start right, start Viral Solutions! Very personal, yet professional in how business is handled. Two thumbs up.”

– Paul Marcellino, CEO of DeadSeaMoringa.com

“I have had the amazing opportunity to work with Viral Solutions for a while now.  They really invest their energy into making things happen for you and the people you serve. It is a huge benefit to have them assisting us. They have a way of breaking things down for you to better understand how to do something or the best way of going about a situation. THANK YOU for your expert advice. We love and appreciate ALL that you do for us!!”

– Curt Landry, Founder & CEO of Curt Landry Ministries

“Viral Solutions has increased my business by 500%! I'm not kidding. Before working with them, I only had 23 clients signed up for my email communications. After three months with Viral Solutions, I now have 587 clients signed up! I can't believe it! They are way better than any real estate lead generation system I have ever used. They have also increased my Facebook page likes (with real leads!) to triple what they were! I am starting to get more calls for my Real Estate Business! Many of those calls directly from social media – unbelievable.”

– Sharon Seybold Yeary, Sharcom Realty

“We have used so many ‘so called' online social media experts and been terribly disappointed at every turn. THEN WE FOUND Viral Solutions and our world changed. Their team has systematized everything you need to build your social audience and drive traffic to your site. Not only that, their content creation team is second to none. From a standing start, we had them writing blog articles for us that required very little to no editing before releasing them to our site. I could not recommend Viral Solutions more strongly to anyone considering social engagement with their audience.”

– Sean McDonald, Mobit.com

“The team at Viral Solutions has done a fantastic job integrating our web site, users, referral partners, affiliate marketing programs and everything else we've asked them to do! They've done it with speed, accuracy and real understanding of what we are after. Not just providing the defined work, but applying their expertise and overall understanding of the extensive features and functionality to bring bigger and better ideas to our use of Infusion Soft. Thanks for the great work and let's keep it rolling, I highly recommend them.”

– Les Jenkins

“Tom and his staff at Viral Solutions have an uncanny sense of the needs of today's small business owner. The implementations work because they think like business owners and not like your typical marketing agency. It's a huge benefit to have them assist us in growing our market. Hire them now and enjoy the fruit of their results.”

– George R. Katcharava, CEO & Founder of Warriors Capital LLC in New York, NY

“Pros: Viral Solutions is my secret weapon. Cons: I wish I would have found them five years ago! I run a small engineering company. I was trying to do it all. I get busy with work, then I neglect marketing. After I sell services, there’s a feast but no marketing followed by a famine. Then I found Viral Solutions.  They gave me the keys to that shiny new car. They are an important part of my business team. With them, I can market better than the big boys.”

– John Thomazin, CEO of REDI Engineering

“We’ve been working with Viral Solutions to customize and improve our use of Infusionsoft for the last six months. As Chief Operating Officer, the things I care about are revenue, tracking, and putting our investment to use. With Viral Solutions, we’re seeing increases in all areas – and I can count on the Viral Solutions team to tell us what we need to know to continue improving.”

– Jack Bennett

“Thank you for the great user group meeting in Chicago. I learned a lot, there were so many things I never thought to try.”

– Susan Ross

“I want to thank Viral Solutions for the amazing work they do for us on an ongoing basis. They are extremely professional and know an amazing amount about what a CRM and marketing automation can do. They have been and continue to be an amazing resource. We wouldn't be where we are in our business without them.”

– Tina Nunziato, DrLizCruz.com

“I am so grateful to be working with this talented, caring and amazing group. As a small business it is hard wearing so many hats and it can be overwhelming at times. It is a comfort to know that I can leave a number of my responsibilities in their hands and they have proven that my confidence is not misplaced. I trust Viral Solutions 100% and I am so thankful for their incredible guidance and support.”

– Kim Hodges

“Why I choose Viral Solutions to do our marketing: As an author and developer of the Money Mastery® Personal Financial System, I have long realized that our strength of product is the effectiveness of the program. Viral Solutions came to us via recommendations of the folks at Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft recommended Viral Solutions, Inc. as their ‘top certified third party provider.’ After spending a day with their Infusionsoft experts, we were convinced they are perfect for us. We are excited to be under contract with them, and believe they are the best possible choice to build sales volume for our on line membership sales program.”

– Alan Williams, CEO Time & Money, LLC, www.MoneyMastery.com

“Viral Solutions’ team is extremely knowledgeable, and great to work with. They truly want to see their clients succeed, and they have been very generous with me and my business. The things I've seen them build are incredible. They are lead generating and money-making engines for their clients. Everything from campaign building to behind-the-scenes processes. I highly recommend reaching out to them.”

– Sarah Schwab

“I cannot thank you enough for helping me get my head on straight regarding Infusionsoft. After paying for the software for the past 4 years, I can now finally use the system like it was designed, not just as an expensive email tool.”

– Rich Fercy, Volunteer Coordinator, Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame

“Put very simply, the team members at Viral Solutions are game-changers. They have the insights and expertise you need to separate from the pack and really start to ignite growth for your business.  If you are looking to get more from your marketing tools while working with some great people, you need to get in touch with Viral Solutions. Let these game-changers do their thing.” –

 Chad Griffin, CEO, Adeptio, www.adeptio.com

“I worked at a big corporation for 26 years and worked with many vendors. I never had the support and high level of excellence that is found in Viral Solutions. They love the challenge of finding what exactly works for your company. They have a lot of experience and knowledge that enables them to tailor make the program for each of their clients. They are also very patient in training and providing excellent training videos and are always available for questions. You cannot go wrong with this company.”

– Patty Merritt

“Viral Solutions has been wonderful in guiding us and taking our medical practice and wellness program to a new level with their expertise. Our business has EXPLODED since! We recently did a workshop with them and it was so educational, enlightening and exciting to see how the campaigns are created. There is magic in automated marketing and the magic it will continue to create in our business. Thank you a million times, Viral Solutions! You guys rock!!!”

– Liz Cruz, DrLizCruz.com

“Thank you for taking the time out of your day to school a rookie. The depths at which some of these campaigns dive is incredible. My mind was blown with some of the work you are doing. Great stuff.”

– Adam Schroger, EnergyGIS in Castle Rock, CO

“You’re the best… Thanks for jumping on our integration issue between ClickFunnels > Infusionsoft > GetDropStream … This has been driving us bonkers for the last 4 days, and you fixed it in minutes. Thanks for your help and add another happy customer to your growing list.”

– Tom Nyiri

“Viral Solutions has been invaluable in my learning of digital marketing. They do not hesitate to go over the same concepts multiple times and they genuinely cares about their clients.

– Jack Vinton

“It is a pleasure working with Viral Solutions. They are so knowledgeable and so patient and helpful in coaching us. They really understand the sales cycle and what clients need. They are never pushy, very flexible and the turnaround on projects is very quick. I would and have highly recommended VS to colleagues and friends. They are truly in it for the long term with their clients.”

– Rosalyn Stewart

“When I met Viral Solutions at an Infusionsoft monthly meeting I was given a gift. Having Viral Solutions as my partner has made my teaching of the basics so much easier for my team. I highly recommend Viral Solutions as your partner. If you are like me and want to enjoy the results of this powerful software without the hassles, you should use their expertise.”

– Sharan Tash, TashFitness.com

“Viral Solutions’ understanding of sales and marketing automation is second to none. Not only do they know the strategy and methodology behind implementing process, they can build them—when you don't know what you need! Knowing the holistic digital marketing realm, Viral Solutions is a creative and detail oriented resource that brings a huge value to clients. This combination has ROI written all over it.”

– Lawrence T. Battey, VP of Business Development, Above The Noize

“I have found Viral Solutions to be extremely knowledgeable. They are able to answer every question we throw at them. They give us advice and tips we never even thought to ask. Thank you for your expert advice and your willingness to help us understand a system that can at times be confusing. Because of your help, I am able to utilize more of the system each time we meet. I am selling more products and getting more people to attend my events. With your assistance, my business is really beginning to grow!”

– Richard Schuttler

“Viral Solutions has tons of sales experiences. When I work with them, I see that they understand my perspective. By the end of the day, we want to sell more to the right clients. Their extensive sales experience, combined with their knowledge of Infusionsoft, makes our working relationship extremely productive. You find Infusionsoft experts or you find salespeople. It is hard to find both!”

– Wells Ye

“The day that 75 previously undiscovered, now-qualified prospects showed up in my email, that was the day that I knew Viral Solutions was as obsessed about our business as we were. Prior to working with Viral Solutions, we were using Infusionsoft like a giant database on most days. Today, we're actually using it to target, identify, and build authentic relationships with our clients. We got here because of Viral Solutions. They just keep doing great work for our tribe.”

– Deirdre Gruendler, Director of CultureSync Academy | culturesync.net

“Viral Solutions’ team takes their years of real-world experience and helps you create the plan to get your business where you want to take it. I feel very fortunate to be working with them and honestly, I don't want to tell anyone. If my competitors find out, they'll know my secret weapon! They’re always a few steps ahead of me in creating the automation steps and getting things off my desk and into the system, and freeing of my time. They’re honestly excited to help bring my business to the next level in terms of efficiency, revenue and exposure. Their knowledge is second to none and if they tell you they’re going to make something happen, they will.”

– Michael Ricci, d3multisport.com

“It's hard to find a marketing agency that has the real-world experience they have at Viral Solutions LLC. It's obvious they know the issues any small business faces – the solutions match the need. Their suggestions were insightful and were realistic to implement. I'd recommend their services to any company going through a rough spot, or even if things are running smoothly. They really brought us together, increasing both productivity and revenue. I highly recommend doing business with these guys NOW!”

– Mary Ganis, Ganis Insurance Services, Inc., Torrance, CA

“All the folks at Viral Solutions are some of the most driven individuals that I have come in contact with. Their desire to learn and improve their clients is insatiable, and their enthusiasm for their clients’ business, and therefore the solutions to solve problems, are contagious. They made me even more excited about what I do! Never doubt them and know they will spend countless hours getting to know your services way before the contract is signed. Viral Solutions is breaking the stigma many marketing agencies have – spectacular work.”

– Neera J Verma, Director of Business Unit, Accel Frontline Ltd., New Delhi, India

“You've all been fantastic – patient and fantastic. The level of professionalism, with both Viral Solutions and Infusionsoft, has been above reproach. I would highly recommend your program (and have on at least 3 occasions) to any business.”

– Jack Brown, President, Eagle USA Inc, Chesterton, IN

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the Viral Solutions team and gaining from their knowledge and insight for several years. They had a clear, easy-to-understand approach of what the issue was at hand and advice as to how to approach it. Their consultation was a step-by-step process so I did not get lost or confused. I knew why I was doing what I was doing and the result it would precipitate. If an issue came up, they were there to help. I really could not ask for a better business mind. I am more effective, efficient and profitable. But most of all, my customers better understand my concepts because I emulate Viral Solutions.”

– Joe Taylor, J.S. Taylor and Associates, New Orleans

“This is an amazing coach I would like to personally thank. I can say that a long-term coach who is very descriptive of their vision, is sooooo appreciated. I have worked with several and I must say, Viral Solutions does not undervalue their clients, even those in the graphic design industry like myself – LOL. If you treat this high-quality consultant with class – boy, oh boy – will they come through. My customers will really love me now! Thank you, Viral Solutions.”

– Cherice Barnett, A.J. Barnett ReliDreams, North Port, FL

“Viral Solutions has been essential in helping us set up our marketing campaigns in the most effective ways possible. They have a full understanding of what it takes to build out the customer life cycle and how to organize it so your mind doesn't go crazy. The biggest value Viral Solutions has provided for us is their amazing insight on how to create more leads, close more sales, deliver our services automatically, and create solid referral campaigns to help us capitalize on every client interaction we have. Thanks to Viral Solutions, we are all set up and only a few days away from having a fully automated coaching business that rocks!”

– Brent Attaway, Co-Founder of SHIFT

“Viral Solutions is truly great! They know when to push & when to support. When to demand & when to stand back. When to build an under-performer & when to let them go. Viral Solutions has taken over our broken systems and disjointed teams, spread across two countries, while working remotely, and literally put them on top in a matter of weeks. Viral Solutions will take on any task to do what is right for their customer.”

– Paul Rauseo, Profit Engineer & Director of Special Projects, Gate Gourmet, Chicago

“I've had the pleasure to work with Viral Solutions for a few years. They are a hardworking and detail-oriented team, for whom no task seems to be unattainable. They go beyond the 9-5 to make sure that the things get done. Viral Solutions is a team player with an extraordinary degree of integrity and knowledge. They command respect, unity, and confidence in any organization they take on to improve. I’m a much better person and performer because of Viral Solutions.”

– Paul A. Sancraian, Winkler USA, Los Angeles

“I hired them to help us elevate our sales process and increase our marketing effectiveness. They got a handle on the customer landscape immediately and gave us practical, inventive strategies we put to work immediately. But they didn't stop there; they backed that up with next-step tools to expand our reach as we increased our expertise. This team truly knows, and has extraordinary insights, into what it takes to sell in today's market. I highly recommend Viral Solutions to anyone who is focused on transforming their results.”

– Sean Fisher, Partner & National Sales Manager for EMS Energy Marketing Service, Inc.

“Viral Solutions introduced the e-marketing concept into our organization. They created consistent processes and delivered many inbound leads. They helped me to create content and campaigns that provided value to both our prospects and current clients. They follow research and the team is filled with very creative individuals. I would recommend Viral Solutions for anyone seeking to develop profitable client relationships.”

– Kristin Daniels, Sr Executive, Strategic Programs Inc.

“From day 1, you could tell that Viral Solutions would be a huge asset. They quickly distinguished themselves as heavy hitters – always bringing fresh, new ideas and spot-on feedback. They are consummate professionals. Always giving 100% every day, in every session. They have brought us energy and while developing a strong sales team. Their understanding of the sales cycle, organization, coaching, mentoring and technology has separated them from the pack – a true ‘Leader among Leaders.’

– Nick Stepanovich, ADP SaaS District Manager for Major Accounts, Chicago

“Viral Solutions listens and takes the best of the input, measured with their experience, which results in continued output of excellent decisions. Their communication of decisions made results in clear and concise input and directions for subordinates. They find their support, guidance, and communication with customers consistently resulting in desired results.”

– Ron Cheldelin, Belmont Acquisitions Phoenix, AZ

“Viral Solutions are true professionals, great leaders and motivators. They demand and expect the very best from the team and the team always finds a way to lead the pack. They will always listen with compassion. They have the highest integrity and are extremely organized. They never run away from difficult problems. The five years I worked with the organization have been record breaking and the most rewarding of my professional career.”

– Ray Silva ADT Security Services of Sacramento

“Viral Solutions is an open-minded, motivating company that processes all information to uncover the truth of any situation. Their ability to adapt to individual personalities as the business climate changes gives them a competitive edge to help all around them to focus. They are constantly available to staff to answer concerns with guidance and patience.”

– Mike Sullivan, Bay City Country Club, Saginaw, MI

“This is who I went to when I needed an answer and I needed it now. I always got my answer and then, even better, a solution. They are all extremely personable, outgoing and fun-loving. Yet when needed they use a soft voice to get the job done in a timely manner. I have never met anyone like those at Viral Solutions – people who most likely do not have an enemy on this planet.”

– Becky Risha, Treysta Partners, Inc.

“Viral Solutions’ team is filled with visionary thinkers and leaders. They are excellent at e-marketing, sales management, business development, and consulting. Working with Viral Solutions offered me the opportunity to see how they can very effectively run marketing campaigns with results. Anyone who is fortunate enough to have them on their team should consider themselves very blessed.”

– Jim Allbaugh, President, Front Range Diversified Group LLC

“Understand I was in an impossible situation with leading small markets at Joseph A Bank. In my entire career and yet to this day, nobody has even come close to the positive impact Viral Solutions has made on my store / district or my ability to lead and manage a sales team. They have such a unique way of getting you to see the big picture and yet do so in a giving and understanding manor. But what really amazed me was their work ethic. Nobody will outwork them and they will do anything to prove a point – without being overbearing or close-minded. This team is the real deal. My problem no longer exists.”

– Judy Leitenen, Regional Manager, Joseph A Bank

“Viral Solutions has a keen sense as to how to take a project and install new and creative ideas from a management perspective. Always focused on doing it the right way and making sure that completion is the goal. I have worked with Viral Solutions in the past. Their quality of work and professionalism is second to none.”

– Bob McAvoy, Lehigh Hanson Materials Limited

“Viral Solutions’ passion for driving sales through inbound leads is apparent. Their insightful and creative ways of using social media, e-zines, and campaigns to build credibility, establish trust, and warm up prospects directly correlated with an increase in sales and a faster sales cycle for me. Beyond sales, they have helped us communicate better with our existing clients and drive our webinar presentations. We can further help engage current clients to help expand their value of our services by the new ways Viral Solutions has created for us to communicate. They revolutionized the way Strategic Programs communicates with clients and prospects.”

– Jay Green, Consultant, Strategic Programs Inc.

“Viral Solutions is staffed by gifted sales and marketing professionals. They initiated, created and managed an e-marketing program with Infusionsoft, which created name recognition, enhanced the company's credibility, introduced us to thousands of companies and generated warm leads for the entire sales department. Sales increased substantially due to their efforts.”

– Julie Mansfield, Talent Acquisition Manager at Comcast Cable

“Viral Solutions has really brought a lot of exciting changes to our organization in only a matter of months. They have introduced a new system that has drastically changed the sales and marketing process for the better, and have been generous about sharing their ideas and knowledge. I appreciate the energy and invigoration they have brought into our organization.”

– Kathleen Chaballa, Data Coordinator at Regis University College for Professional Studies

“Viral Solutions brings more than just sales passion and expertise to their work. They bring new strategies and tactics for how your message can be shared with the masses using Infusionsoft and other similar applications. They have the ability to revolutionize the way you communicate with your prospects and with people who do not know they need you yet. Viral Solutions truly is a game-changer.”

– Alex Sward, Information Security and Logistics Manager, Strategic Programs Inc.

“While contracting with AT&T, I hired Viral Solutions to train our sales force on how to effectively close deals for AT&T U-Verse door-to-door cold calling. Not only did Viral Solutions turn a totally green sales staff into great producers, they went completely out of their way and personally created new marketing material and spent hours and hours on consultative selling. AT&T was so impressed with the results that they took their program national! Viral Solutions walks their talk like no other.”

– Branden Brandenburg, Owner Zanadu Solutions LLC, EMS Marketing

“Viral Solutions is a game-changer in the sales and marketing department! They bring cutting-edge, creative, and savvy internet marketing programs to the department that speaks to prospects. They even quadrupled incoming leads! They are also very skilled in their approach to donor and client relations.”

– Maureen O'Hare, Past Chair, Denver Metro Board of Directors – American Heart Association

“In my home state of Texas, an ultimate endorsement would say, ‘They would march through Hell and all of West Texas to get the job done.’ Since 2001 I have seen members of their team fly and drive through all of western Canada in the dead of winter to get the job done! Talented, focused, caring, motivated, and goal oriented do not cover all that Viral Solutions brings to the table, but might cover a good start.”

– Patrick Oakes, CFO, First Financial of Baton Rouge LLC

“Viral Solutions takes an idea in its infancy, and nurtures it to maturity, adding and improving constantly. Their knowledge of technology, social media / web based marketing, and client relationship management, is cutting-edge. They are adept and positive trainers, using all mediums to reach maximum effectiveness. They train, mentor, motivate and model desired behavior. They epitomize professionalism. Their integrity, ethic, loyalty and dedication, coupled with their unwavering desire to succeed, make them a valuable asset to any organization.”

– Tracy Zylyk, Detachment Services Supervisor, PRIME Coordinator RCMP UFVRZ, British Columbia

“Viral Solutions' management and customer relationship skills are superior to any manager I have worked with / for in 20 years. They are a ‘diesel engine’ when it comes to doing what is right for the business and level headed when it comes to tough negotiations and difficult customer satisfaction challenges. They have a keen sense for optimizing a business model for long-term growth and profitability. They have a great history of hiring great talent and keeping them.”

– Quality Engineer @ GE Healthcare and Entrepreneur @ CabinVision LLC

“Viral Solutions has presented its company and services in a manner that is consistent with our mission but has done so in a manner that has allowed them an opportunity to continue their professional relationships with clients due to the trust that they have established with them and their follow through. Viral Solutions accomplishes everything based upon their own motivation and self-starting skills – but to our benefit.”

– Director of Operations, Baptist Memorial Medical Group

“Viral Solutions spent hours of their own time in my store. I say this because what they were offering as a service was not something of interest to me initially. I've owned this business with family for well over a decade & worked here since I was a child. What could they know that I didn't? But I was missing the point. I value an education & objectivity. But Viral Solutions went way beyond the call of duty. They were here for an hour after the papers were signed. They sensed I needed firm guidance & I gained so much from their travels. Better than any seminar or dealer convention I've ever attended. They’re empathetic, have valid concerns, ask great probing questions. How they relate to such a broad range of people (Grandma to the mechanic to my wife) is beyond understanding. But what they really did is exactly what they said they would do. That's rare in today's world. My family endorses Viral Solutions & we are better off for meeting the team.”

– President at Lithgov RV & Motor Sports

“Hey, Viral Solutions! So where on Earth (or beyond) did you come from…….? You’re awesome! SO looking forward to working with you to build something very special.”

– Brian Wacik (#1 Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Executive High-Performance Coach, Athlete)

“Viral Solutions is AWESOME! They get me. The team often makes me laugh to lighten a very serious subject. They know Infusionsoft inside and out. They not only help us with the software, but they work very hard to adapt it to our needs and the needs of our customer. They are also excellent at explaining things in detail! Which I love! I'm not too tech savvy and Viral Solutions seems to know how to really help me to understand a lot of things! Very professional but personable! We appreciate all they do for our company! It feels like they’re one of us! Shouldn't it be like that?”

– Kayla Sihakhoth

“Viral Solutions are DYNAMIC, PROUD, and UNMISTAKABLE rock stars in the world of business. They bring a significant amount of experience from the management consulting industry where they provided tailored services to meet the needs of clients in thousands of industries and all shapes and sizes. The bottom line, when it comes to professionalism, tenacity, humor, and hitting the ball out of the ballpark with sales, marketing, and streamlining internal operations they are MVPs. If you're sitting on the fence, get off of it and jump aboard. If you're reluctant, stop, and do something, perhaps, seek some amazing advice and action from these recognized business leaders. Do it.”

– Katie Doseck, PhD, Director of Awesome at Resourceful Mentor & Management Faculty at Southern New Hampshire University

“Viral Solutions is made up of some of the most powerful networking people I’ve met. When they say they are going to do something, it’s done…plus much more. They understand business and invest the energy into making things happen for their customers. It’s a fortunate person who has Viral Solutions on their side. If you’re looking for skill and guidance in automation marketing services, I highly recommend Viral Solutions.”

Marianne Foscarini, Certified SEO Copywriter for the Christian Market in Markham, Ontario, Canada

“Viral Solutions’ team is of the utmost professionalism as well as being very kind and sincere. Whenever I have a need, a question or need advice, they are always there to answer any and all questions of mine in a very timely manner. They always have the ability to communicate well, even under the most critical conditions. I feel very privileged to know such a team and do recommend them highly. I only wish there were more people such as them in every work place. They will be a definite asset to your company.”

– Matt West, Consultant, Greensboro, NC

“Viral Solutions has always been very professional and has taken care of any matter with due diligence. I consider Viral Solutions to be one of the best teams I have ever worked with. They have made my journey very pleasant and my production and performance has never been so high.”

– Joan Dapitan, VP of Advertising Sales, Los Angeles California

“Being a 2-person international coaching company that recently doubled our business, we knew we needed to upgrade our back-end systems and chose Infusionsoft. What I didn't know, as the person in charge of designing and implementing, was how much I needed Viral Solutions. They know what I don't know and even things I don't know I don't know. We would be months behind schedule without the support and vision that they have for making Infusionsoft work for small setups like ours that have as big as dreams as we do. Thank you!”

– Nicole Huguenin