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Christine Kelly



As co-owner and co-founder of Viral Solutions, Christine works with our partners and helps our clients get what they need to grow.

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Oftentimes business owners aren’t exactly sure what type of marketing collateral or tools they need to help their business overcome the current roadblock they are facing. Or they discover their need is different from what they originally thought.

Christine works with our clients to develop plans and proposals so they know what to expect in working with Viral Solutions.

Christine’s extensive background in sales, managing, and consulting gives her a full understanding of what business owners experience and need.

  • B.S. in Marketing, Advertising, and Sales Promotion from British Columbia Institute of Technology

Thomas von Ahn



Many business owners are just discovering the benefits of marketing online. But this world of digital marketing is constantly changing.

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Additionally, a lot of business owners aren’t sure how the off-line and online worlds work together.

Thomas uses his 30 years of experience in B2B sales across various industries to help our clients navigate the waters of marketing, both on and off-line, in a seamless way by using a solid marketing strategy.

This strategy helps our clients integrate data, systems, tools, tactics, and content into a plan that, as it unfolds, creates a revenue-building machine for our clients. Thomas’s passion is to ensure our customers don’t stand still, but instead scale and expand month after month and year after year.

Lindsey Perron

Project Manager

Business owners are the world’s most passionate and driven people. But they need someone to take their passion and drive and build an execution plan.

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Lindsey’s goal-oriented and process-driven character helps our clients harness their passion and execute on it with a well-thought-out strategy and organization plan.

Lindsey works with our clients’ employees to keep them accountable and focused. Likewise, she manages Viral Solutions’ team of developers, copywriters, designers, and implementors to ensure they are executing on the goals of our clients.

She understands that half the battle is organization and execution. She takes these off our clients’ plates so they can focus on the business.

Lauren Zylyk

Lauren Zylyk

Social Media Manager

Social media is a vital part of your marketing. It's often the first impression you make on your prospects. And it’s what your current customers use to spread the word about your brand; thus, your social media presence needs to span across multiple platforms.

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Lauren is well versed in social media marketing and did her own influencer marketing on multiple channels. She decided she wanted to help businesses benefit from social media marketing—and keep up with the ever-changing world of social media.

Lauren helps our clients tell their brand message in a way that engages their online community and keeps their content up to date with the latest social media trends. She has seen businesses grow exponentially in a short time by adding social media to their marketing efforts.

  • DigitalMarketer Certified Content Marketing Specialist
  • DigitalMarketer Certified Copywriter
  • Bachelor of Business Administration Degree, Marketing Major

Marisa Fritzemeier

Web & Graphic Designer

Marisa’s creative abilities give her a unique eye for web design and brand development. It’s critical that a customer’s experience with a brand is consistent, building authority and trust in the marketplace.

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When branding and design are done correctly, the brand/customer relationship develops and gives lasting value to each side.

Marisa uses her creative abilities and strategic marketing know-how to help businesses represent themselves to their prospects and customers better using visual assets that clearly communicate how their product or service is the solution to the customer’s problem.

Shannon Kegerries

Brand Messaging and Content Marketing Specialist

Many business leaders and owners struggle to create cohesive messaging and content collateral that clearly states what they do and how they help their customers.

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Shannon’s expertise in understanding human behavior and psychology, along with her StoryBrand and DigitalMarketer training, allow her to help business leaders create clear and concise messaging that compels their customers to take action.

She loves seeing our clients hit the nail on the head with their messaging, as she knows success will soon follow.

  • DigitalMarketer Certified Content Marketing Specialist
  • DigitalMarketer Certified Copywriting Specialist
  • DigitalMarketer Certified Email Marketing Specialist
  • StoryBrand Certified Guide
  • M.S. in Psychology and Counseling

Caitie Schoch

SEO and Content Marketing Specialist

Caitie joined the team with 6 years of prior experience as a content creator and editor. She has seen many businesses struggle to optimize content for search engines in a way that also resonates with their prospects.

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As a person who loves to learn, she combines her research skills with her SEO training to provide our clients with high-quality content.

Caitie believes that business owners and managers shouldn’t have to spend valuable time producing the content necessary for website performance. That’s why she is committed to ensuring each piece of content is optimized for search and speaks to the client’s target audience.

  • Yoast SEO Copywriting Certified
  • Yoast Keyword Research Certified
  • DigitalMarketer Certified Content Marketing Specialist
  • DigitalMarketer Certified Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist
  • DigitalMarketer Certified Email Marketing Specialist

Jeremiah Richter

Web Developer

Businesses struggle to keep up with and detangle the technological mess of the multi-layered monstrosity of legacy software and modern computing due to constant changes.

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Jeremiah understands the complex world of software, tech, and the web. He knows that security and stability problems with a site not only harm a business’s image but also impact user experience.

Jeremiah combines his web development expertise with marketing savvy to relieve technological stress for our clients. He uses his admittedly “inordinate fascination with the obscura of the internet” to fine-tune each client’s website so they can deliver content and become a revenue-building machine.

Nikki Schneider

Customer Relationship Management Specialist

As a customer support expert who loves solving problems, Nikki helps businesses build relationships with their customers that encourage loyalty and improve retention.

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Nikki understands that business owners and decision makers have a lot to do in a day. She develops a content delivery strategy that puts all the pieces together to create quality leads so those individuals have what they need to do their jobs in excellence.

Nikki uses her expertise to segment our clients’ customers based on interests, and then provide them with relevant content that meets their needs, which creates loyal customers for our clients.

  • DigitalMarketer Certified Community Management Specialist
  • DigitalMarketer Certified Email Marketing Specialist
  • DigitalMarketer Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist
  • DigitalMarketer Certified Content Marketing Specialist
  • DigitalMarketer Certified Social and Community Specialist
  • DigitalMarketer Certified Search Marketing Specialist
Jon Maday headshot

Jon Maday

Digital Advertising & Data Specialist

Data is critical to developing a marketing strategy that converts prospects into customers. Without data, businesses are at a loss of how to market themselves. Therefore, they must trust the data.

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Jon uses advertising and website data to generate insights that guide our clients into a solid advertising strategy.

Continuously analyzing data is key. If an advertising tactic no longer works, ad adjustment must be made to continue down the road of success. Jon interprets the data and communicates the findings to our clients in a clear and easy-to-understand way, helping each client make the best decision for their business.

  • DigitalMarketer Certified Social and Community Specialist
  • DigitalMarketer Certified Email Specialist
  • DigitalMarketer Certified Optimization and Testing Specialist
  • DigitalMarketer Certified Content Marketing Specialist
  • DigitalMarketer Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist
  • Google Analytics Specialist
  • Google Ads Video Specialist
  • Google Ads Search Specialist
Andrew Haese Headshot

Andrew Haese

Social & Digital Media Specialist

Andrew specializes in audio, video, and digital content for the 21st century. He understands the importance of impactful digital content and how it can showcase clients in new and enticing ways.

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Andrew has won numerous national awards for his leadership and productions, placing his projects alongside some of the top marketing works in the world. He is also well-versed as a personality in fast-paced, publicly visible environments for broadcast, event, and web channels.

The media landscape is ever-evolving with new platforms and techniques. With Andrew's broadcast, journalism, podcasting, and technological background, his mission is to create eye-catching and harmonious content for our clients that exceeds industry trends and practices.

  • Bachelor of Arts Radio-TV-Film / Minor in Multimedia Journalism – UW Oshkosh
  • Adobe Certified Associate – Photoshop & Premiere Pro
  • Radio Marketing Professional for Radio Sales – Radio Advertising Bureau
  • Social Media Marketing Certified – Hubspot Academy

Sophia Norenberg

Marketing Implementation Intern

As a student at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Sophia brings a fresh pair of eyes to the marketing implementation process.

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There are many moving parts to the implementation process that require a lot of time. Having one person dedicated to reviewing content just before it goes live saves our clients time and gives them confidence that their content is formatted and placed correctly.

Sophia’s focus is on making sure our clients don’t have to worry about the tedious task of checking and distributing content.

Holland Birkey

Graphic Designer

Holland understands how design fits into the bigger picture of marketing and advertising. She knows that each design has a strategic purpose intended to compel our clients’ customers to act.

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Holland’s keen eye for design and advanced knowledge of Adobe creative software gives her an edge in creating stunning graphics for social media, web pages, and more

She believes that design should enhance your company’s presentation and position online, not hold you back.

Jonathan Richter's Headshot

Jonathan Richter

Junior Web Developer

Business owners today know how important it is to have a fully functional, easy-to-use website. However, they have a hard time making sure it works on various devices.

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Jonathan helps simplify the process of responsive web design. He applies his expertise so that each client ends up with a mobile-friendly website that fits multiple screen sizes for greater user experience.

As Jonathan has been developing websites since the age of 15, he brings significant knowledge and experience to the web development team. He loves learning about technology and the ever-changing web ecosystem. And he applies that passion to every project, ensuring that sites make a positive impression on visitors.

Joel's Headshot

Joel Schmitz

Copy and Content Support

Joel researches customers' content and creates smaller pieces that can be used on various media platforms.

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Even though he has just started with the company he has many skills that are applicable to his job. Having worked nearly 10 years in the retail industry, Joel knows how to satisfy customers and find out what they need. By researching and writing, Joel cuts down hassle and creates more time for his clients to focus on their business. As a result, businesses become more efficient in content creation and reach more customers.

  • Associates in Art and Science
  • Certified in Content Marketing and working toward his certification in copywriting

Sean Zylyk

Data Analyst

Businesses need to know what advertising data actually means so they can reach their target market and grow.

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With a changing market, what worked in the past won’t always work in the future. Sean’s mission is to take advertising data and put it into an easy-to-view format, allowing our clients to see the steps they need to take to engage with their potential customers. He lives by this quote from Justin Rondeau, “Data without context is worthless.”

Charles Headshot

Charles Hack

Content Marketing Specialist

Every business has a unique story that can show customers how its product or service can transform their lives.

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But it’s not always easy to tell the story with clear and straightforward language that engages the audience and compels them to act. And it’s a nearly impossible task without knowing who the customers are and how the product or service will solve their most urgent problems and meet their deepest needs.

That’s where Charles’s background in journalism, along with extensive StoryBrand and DigitalMarketer training, can help business owners discover their audience and craft compelling and highly targeted messaging.

Getting the message right and focusing on the appropriate audience not only increases brand and product awareness but also helps businesses grow dramatically.

  • Masters in Journalism, New York University
  • DigitalMarketer Certified Content Marketing Specialist
  • DigitalMarketer Certified Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist
  • StoryBrand Trained
  • Graphic Design USA 2020 American Web Design Awards (Copywriting)
Meagan's Headshot

Meagan Van Ahn

Design and Content Support

Business owners are driven to succeed. They are visionaries and goal-oriented. As a result, design can be an afterthought. When done right, design will help them move the needle and meet their goals. Meagan understands design plays a critical role in branding and is the first impression for customers.

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Her artistic talent and marketing expertise help a company look polished and get results. Meagan is a strategic thinker who always challenges others to use innovative approaches to help businesses stand out.

In addition to her creative skills and strategy savvy, Meagan has more than a decade of experience leading various nonprofit organizations. She has a deep understanding of what it takes to help your organization retain and grow its donor base. With a Bachelors in Spanish for the Business Professions from Marquette University in Milwaukee, she is bilingual and has deep knowledge of diverse perspectives in today’s marketplace.


Viral Solutions Core Values

Consistent Growth

Helping our clients grow year after year is our sole purpose.

Understanding Success

Success only comes when you accept failure as part of the process.

Smart Marketing

Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes endurance and patience.

Teamwork Wins

We are better together. Team collaboration is the only way to win.

Use Data

Don’t guess, know. Guesswork is removed by using data-driven marketing.

Strategy First

The marketing strategy is always developed first. This determines your tactics.

About Our Training Process

Facebook Blueprint

Select members of our team are enrolled in Facebook Blueprint so they can enhance their marketing skills across platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The knowledge gained from this training then goes on to benefit you! Having access to a Facebook Blueprint Certified Marketing Science Professional means working with an expert who understands how to use data, insights, and measurement to inform your paid social media marketing.

As a DigitalMarketer Certified Partner, Viral Solutions has exclusive access to a wide variety of tools, courses, and frameworks designed to help businesses achieve scalable growth. Every member of our team has undergone training specific to their position, so you can trust in their expertise. More importantly, you can look forward to the use of proven systems and processes in your marketing efforts—and real, measurable results!

Certfied Guide

We’ve seen firsthand how the StoryBrand Framework assists in developing clear copy that converts customers. That’s why, after having a single member of our team achieve StoryBrand Certified Guide status, we decided to become a StoryBrand Certified Agency by putting everyone through the same rigorous training. This means you can expect your messaging to be clear, compelling, and consistent across all of your marketing assets.

Certified StoryBrand Guide Badge - valid through July 2022

Adobe Certified

At Viral Solutions, we know good design is just good marketing. So, to provide our clients with the best visuals possible, we invest in the latest tools and the most highly recognized education. When graphic design is needed, you’ll enjoy working with an Adobe Certified Associate who’s trained in visual design using Adobe Photoshop, graphic design & illustration using Adobe Illustrator, and print & digital media publication using Adobe InDesign.

Yoast SEO

Yoast is one of the top authorities on SEO (search engine optimization), which is why we not only recommend their SEO plugin but also take advantage of the courses they offer through their online academy. Working with a Yoast SEO Copywriting Certified and Yoast Keyword Research Certified marketer means you can feel confident that best practices will be applied to extend your reach and increase organic traffic to your website.

Sprout Social Partner Program Badge
Sprout Social Platform Certified badge.

Sprout Social Platform Certified & Agency Partner

We love the Sprout Social platform for being a data-centric solution that helps us take our clients’ social media management and marketing to the next level. That’s why we chose to become a Sprout Social Platform Certified agency and join the Sprout Social Agency Partner Program. We use our expertise with the award-winning platform to publish seamlessly across all your channels. The all-in-one tool also enables us to capture audience and trend insights to transform your branding, strategy, and ROI.

Certified Google Partner

We partnered with the world’s most powerful search engine to bring you the best possible online advertising results. As a Google Partner, our certified analysts work directly with Google to optimize your PPC advertising campaigns. Our partnership helps us target your audience better to gain more leads who will convert to loyal customers. Our staff receives regular Google Ads training to maintain stringent quality standards. In working with us, you’ll be among the first to adopt Google’s updates, giving you the edge over your competition.

Google Partner badge

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