Infusionsoft Secret Sauce: Part One – Identify Your Target Market


Every Infusionsoft user wants to know the secret to success with Infusionsoft. Every digital marketing guru says they have the recipe to make the Infusionsoft Secret Sauce. Even Infusionsoft says they can teach it to you at Infusionsoft University. Both the guru and the Infusionsoft experts will gladly take your money to teach it to you. Yes – Viral Solutions would be one of those. However, that may not be the solution you need.

The secret sauce to successful use of Infusionsoft, or any other SaaS automated marketing platform, does not contain tactical marketing knowledge as its key ingredient. The most successful users of Infusionsoft are smart digital marketers that have a defined strategy. They do not start with a bunch of widgets, gadgets, plugins, API or other integration tools in order to succeed at digital marketing. They start with strategy, not with tactics!

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This blog article is part one of a series. Here we will discuss the secret to digital marketing success, that is so simple, anyone can put it in place.

Here is how you avoid paying tens of thousands of dollars going to seminars, live events, paid webinars and corporate universities in order to be successful with digital marketing while using Infusionsoft as one of your tools.

Infusionsoft Secret Sauce: The Key Ingredient

Identify your target market: All successful large corporations, that have a great marketing message, do not create a product or service and then go find an audience to sell it to. All successful entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small business owners, that have a great marketing message, do not create a product or service and then go find an audience to sell it to. They start by rigidly defining their target market.

Five Questions to Answer:

  1. Who is my perfect prospective client or customer? Think about the easiest close you ever had with your product or service. That one person that needed your core offer, that took little effort to close, that has been your customer a long time. Who are they? List their demographics and other details you have gathered about them over time. Factors you may consider are age, gender, ethnicity, zip code they reside in, degree of education, marital status, job title, occupation, home ownership status and more. List anything that can define your perfect prospective customer demographically. Caution – make this list as tight as possible. Be careful not to get too broad here. You can always widen your target. Example: If you list their age as 35 – 55, you need to rethink that demographic. Why? That is two distinctly different generations. They do not think alike very often!
  2. What is their problem, their pain and what do they rally behind? Jeffrey Gittomer once said, that people do not like to be sold, but they love to buy! The majority of people buy a product or service based upon emotion and they need to solve a problem that is hurting. Here you want to list those problems and pain points. The secret here is to list them from their perspective and not from your solution vantage point. Sorry to say, sad to report – at this stage nobody cares about your offer.
  3. What do they like to do and where can they be found? Think of both the physical and electronic worlds. An example of the physical world would be clubs, associations, conventions and personal venues like restaurants and vacation locations. An example of the electronic world would be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and SnapChat.
  4. How do they educate themselves? What are their sources of information? Very few people make decisions off the top of their head or based purely on gut feel. They read, study, ask around or formally educate themselves. These resources help them analyze and quantify their problem so they can evaluate what it will take to solve it in such a way that the result is positive cash flow.
  5. What are their core values? When core values do not align, you and your customer will not get along. It is rarely your product or service that causes a bad client relationship. When you list your customers core values, think of those that relate to the business world. Such as respecting your staff, treating you as a professional and valuing your time. Yes this goes both ways. But the key here is to try and avoid that relationship that is based upon somebody being used as a puppet. Here you may even list the questions you are asked before your prospect pulls the buying trigger. Those questions tend to point to their values and what is most important to them personally and professionally. Example, if they ask for testimonials and social proof then they are not an early adopter of an unproven product or service and being a part of a successful brand or offer is very important. In this example, trust is a key core value.


In our next article on The Secret Sauce to Successful use of Infusionsoft, we will define your target markets problem. Their pain. Their needs. Their goals. Their chaos. See a pattern with that list? Do you see your service listed?

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