Infusionsoft Secret Sauce: Part Four – Determining Your Advantage


No matter how well defined your niche is, the field is crowded and full of content noise. You need to separate yourself from that noise through targeting your avatar and knowing what their problems are. However, you also need to be a fit for them as much as they need to be a fit for your services and core offer.

It is time to look in the mirror. It is time to rigidly define your advantage. Your Infusionsoft Secret Sauce is going to need it!

In this article, part four of a series, we will help you take that hard look at yourself and your team. Let's make sure your organization's attributes line up with your niche's needs and wants.

What does this have to do with Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft delivers your message. That message needs to be delivered to the right target, at the right time, with the right tone and have the reader feel like you are the best solution to help them achieve their objectives. In our previous articles, we discussed that one of the keys to success was the demographic definition of your perfect prospective customer. However, there are factors that determine your success that are external to your business and those that are internal. The Infusionsoft Secret Sauce ingredients require this key component of strategic planning – the SWOT Analysis.

REMINDER: The secret sauce to successful use of Infusionsoft, or any other SaaS automated marketing platform, does not contain tactical marketing knowledge as its key ingredient. The most successful users of Infusionsoft are smart digital marketers that have a defined strategy. They do not start with a bunch of widgets, gadgets, plugins, API or other integration tools in order to succeed at digital marketing. They start with strategy, not with tactics!

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Here is how you avoid paying tens of thousands of dollars going to seminars, live events, paid webinars and corporate universities in order to be successful with digital marketing while using Infusionsoft as one of your tools.

Infusionsoft Secret Sauce: Determining Your Advantage

Develop Your Marketing Strategy through Strategic Planning Sessions. This service digs deep into your processes, systems and strategy. During your session, we make sure you have defined, rigidly and systematically, your perfect prospective customer. This definition must include the obvious demographics as well as the psycho-graphics. We then test your willpower to prove that your approach, tactics, messages and core offerings match what that perfect prospective customer is looking for. It is absolutely imperative that you understand and can articulate your plan, vision and position statement effectively and with fire in your gut. We help you accomplish this.

A component of strategic planning is the SWOT analysis. SWOT is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses/Limitations, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business venture. Defining your SWOT's will help you determine if your objective, your deliverable, your business plan is attainable.

Answer these questions to find your competitive advantage:


Infusionsoft is just a tool that helps you stay organized and turn your sales and marketing process into a machine. That machine requires fuel and maintenance. Strategic planning is the key ingredient in the Infusionsoft Secret Sauce. In this article we only touched on one of the smartest things you can do during the planning process and that is a SWOT analysis. In our next article we will discuss how to perfect your elevator speech with a position statement, by using a formula from all the ingredients of the previous four articles.

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