Landing Pages that Convert: Elements of a Successful Landing Page


Have you ever clicked a link to a sales or landing page, only to navigate away several seconds later? One would think that given the importance of these types of pages to converting sales, web developers would spend a significant amount of time on optimizing them to ensure they will produce the best results. In many cases, however, these pages are dry, uninteresting and simply do not provide the kind of conversion value they should.

Creating a landing page that succeeds at converting sales or driving other actions is a true art.

If lead generation is important to your business, you can’t ignore landing pages, or worse yet – throw them together without split testing relevant components, design elements, verbiage and different version for different targeted audiences. No matter how much time and money you spend on perfecting the sales funnel, if the landing page doesn’t connect with your audience, they will leave. With that being said, we understand that costs are a factor to an organization's ability to produce the ultimate landing page. However, we also understand that testing costs has a direct correlation to return-on-investment. The need for a structured, process-driven approach to conversion optimization (CRO) cannot be stressed enough. A structured CRO (conversion rate optimization) program is essential to deliver consistent and repeatable improvement in conversion rate and user experience (UX). Only a few organizations and agencies have adopted this approach to optimizing conversions; even fewer have been able to master it. Why? Because mastering conversions also requires a great strategy, a great business mind, a great coder and an excellent design team –  skills that are incredibly rare under one roof.

In this series, Landing Pages that Convert, it is our goal to not just talk about optimizing a landing page but to describe each element in detail.

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Over the coming weeks, we are going to go into detail about the various elements that make up a successful landing page, as described by Digital Marketer’s Justin Rondeau and in “Digital Marketing For Dummies“ with Russ Henneberry. Here are some of the specific items we will focus on:

We will expound in greater detail on these aspects of outstanding landing pages over the next several weeks. For more information at any time, feel free to reach out to us at Viral Solutions, and our team of trusted digital marketers will be happy to answer any questions you have.


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