How to Get People Talking About You on Social Media


By now, most people understand the kinds of benefits that an effective social media marketing campaign can have for their company. They also have an understanding of the kinds of content that they should be sharing on their pages to reach out to their customers.

Where companies often have problems, however, is actually building up a significant amount of buzz surrounding their social media platforms to the point where they’re actually seeing substantial growth in followers.

Here are a few tips that could help you to build that buzz to more effective levels:

Give instructions. If you want your followers to tweet using a hashtag, just tell them to do it! If you want them to send in pictures of a specific item or selfies with your product, post aWord Cloud with Social Proof related tags Facebook status directing them to do so. It sounds overly simple, and yet there are a lot of businesses that aren’t taking advantage of this easy way of increasing engagement.
Promote your account. Facebook and Twitter offer promotion options that allow you to pay a fee for a certain level of promotion. This could be a good way to get an initial boost in your followers that will help in getting the word out about your presence on social media.
Stay timely. If there’s a big pop culture phenomenon or news item that’s trending on social media, join in the discussion using appropriate terms or hashtags to ensure you’ll be noticed. Of course, resist the urge to comment on inappropriate news items, and always try to maintain some link between the trending topic and your brand.
Use pictures and video. Studies have shown that people are more likely to comment, share or “like”/retweet a post that has an attached image or video than a simple text update. Therefore, whenever possible, use pictures and video to get your posts noticed on people’s newsfeeds.
Run contests. A great way to get people involved on your social media is to run quizzes or contests, where you offer the winner some sort of prize. A common example is a restaurant offering a free meal to the first person to correctly answer a trivia question related to the company. People love free stuff, and their comments on your posts will show up in their friends’ news-feeds.

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