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Facebook has dominated other social media platforms for over a decade with billions of subscribers and active daily users. But things are no longer the same today due to the increased competition from other social media platforms. Social media users are going for more sophisticated platforms with better features as the world evolves. However, the increased competition hasn’t stopped Facebook from evolving. At every step, Facebook continues to prove itself as a leader in the social media space and a tough competitor by striving to introduce new features.

After a recent decline, Meta is rolling out a new Facebook home feed redesign to increase user experience based on what users seem to prefer in the social media space today. The new feature will offer a unique and personalized experience for each user.

What the New Facebook Home Screen Will Look Like

According to the announcement, the Facebook home feed redesign will consist of splitting the Home section into two: Home and Feeds.

Here is what each tab will look like…

The New Home Tab

The Home tab will serve as a place of discovery. This will be the primary tab, and the first thing users see when they open the Facebook app. The Home tab is the starting point for entertainment and lets users find and connect to content, Reels, and Stories through personalized recommendations. The primary reason for the Home tab is to give users more options to see and sort their content. Users can build a community over shared interests, passions, and new shares. 

The New Feeds Tab

The Feeds tab is a new way for users to keep up with posts from friends, family, groups, Pages, and Favorites. It is easy to control what you see and discover on Facebook. The Feeds tab lets you create a Favorites list of friends and Pages you want to see. Users can filter out content in this new tab, such as the latest posts from their groups, and refresh to discover entertaining content.

It is also possible to personalize and pin the Feeds tab in the shortcut bar to make the placement permanent. Some Facebook iOS users will see Feeds as a tab in the shortcut bar. Meanwhile, Android users will find it at the top.

What the Facebook Home Feed Redesign Means for Content Creation

As the new Home tab turns Facebook into a discovery engine, content creators may experience a seamless process when building or expanding an audience on Facebook. This Facebook home feed redesign can increase content and brand reach to new audiences. Once your followers favorite your page, they will see it in their feeds since it is marked as priority content.

However, here is the catch: There is something you need to do to give your followers a reason to favorite your page to enable you to share valuable content with them. You should provide your audience with unique and valuable content that meets their needs.

But that’s not all…

Since the new Facebook home feed redesign is about making it easy for users to see and discover new content, prioritizing engaging videos in vertical format is a must. This is a direct response to what social media users want to see online today because the social media space is becoming more visual. You need to embrace videos on social media and create content related to your niche.

Creating vertical videos is an essential modern tactic to increase engagement since social media users focus more on visual stories than written content.

That said, even with vertical videos, you will need to share evergreen content to boost your brand visibility and make your content and brand more appealing to new audiences. It is also imperative that content creators embrace humor and be authentic when telling a story about their brand.

Tips for Filming Vertical Content to Share on Facebook & Beyond

Young woman smiling and looking through a rack of clothes as she is filmed by phone vertically.

Filming content for social media has endless creative possibilities. Unfortunately, there are many common social media video mistakes people make when shooting videos that affect brand visibility, customer experience, and engagement. With the Facebook home feed redesign coming out, and video playing such a major role, it’s crucial that you approach video the right way.

Below are some best practices for capturing, creating, and rocking vertical video clips that dramatically boost your marketing efforts on Facebook and other social media platforms.

1. Capture Attention within the First Seconds

Aim to capture your audience’s attention in vertical videos within the first few seconds of shooting. Those initial moments are critical to producing quality vertical videos. The videos must prove value in the first instance to avoid boring or driving away your social media audience. It is about maximizing engagement and selling within the first few seconds.

2. Set up a Vertical Video Shoot

It can be tempting to shoot videos in landscape mode and crop them. However, this may not give you quality vertical videos in the long run. Consider turning your camera, focusing on the vertical format to get the best capture. This gives you control over the overall outcome of your videos and lets you provide users with a better viewing experience.

3. Capture Multiple Shots

It may not be possible to fit vertical videos into the screen as you easily would with landscape shots. So, it is imperative to take different shots to tell the full story of your brand and help viewers make informed purchasing decisions. It would be best if you also framed shots to attract viewers’ attention and increase engagement. If you already know your audience’s needs, capturing those essential elements in your videos and editing them to tell the whole brand story will be easy.

4. Utilize the Entire Screen

Use the valuable space on your screen when shooting vertical videos. This lets you optimize vertical videos appropriately for the platform, minimizing distractions and letting your audience focus firmly on your message. Utilizing the entire screen also makes the details larger and easier to see. This boosts the viewing experience for your audience, leading to increased engagement.

5. Avoid Camera Wobble

It is common for some people to take videos when shaking the camera with unsteady hands. This can bring out poor video quality and can affect customer experiences with your brand. To avoid this, consider shooting on a high shutter speed and lighter lens using a tripod and cable release setup. Additionally, avoid moving your hands from side to side, change focus, and keep your hands and body steady.

Not sure what guidelines to follow when creating videos for Facebook and other platforms? Check out our up-to-date social media cheat sheet!


As social media trends change, you should also change the content you produce and share. Including video in your marketing offers multiple benefits in today’s highly competitive world as the Facebook home feed redesign takes place.

Further, it can make your brand stand out from the crowd amidst the competition within your niche.

Don’t underestimate the importance of investing in video creation today—not with the social landscape as it is, and not with Facebook’s redesign rolling out now.

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