9 Ways Your Medical Spa Services Menu Can Increase Bookings


While having a medical spa services menu is a necessity for any medical spa, it can also be your most effective marketing tool. People of all ages are turning to medical spas to improve their appearance but there's still so much to learn about these specialized treatments.

A well-designed medical spa services menu can educate your clients, and even inspire them to splurge on extra services. Your menu is also that crucial first impression that turns prospective customers into paying clients. 

Owners that overlook the importance of their medical spa services menu are missing out on a great opportunity to increase bookings. Follow these 9 simple tips to present your medical spa services in the most appealing way possible. 

9 Ways to Increase Your Bookings Through Your Medical Spa Services Menu

1. Boost sales with packages

One of the smartest ways to use your medical spa menu is to tempt your clients into having a full-on “spa day”. Combine some popular treatments into tiered packages of two or more services. Design the pricing in a way that packages costs slightly less than purchasing the treatments individually. This is what makes the deal so irresistible to clients looking for a confidence boost. Some medical spas offer special “bridal packages” with a whole suite of services that will ensure brides have the perfect glow on their wedding day.

You can also encourage clients to spend a bit more by having some optional add-ons available on the menu.

2. Make the menu easy to navigate

Your menu should be as functional and intuitive as possible. Clients shouldn't have to hunt to find the right treatment. It's essential to organize all services into clear categories, such as chemical peels, laser hair removal treatments, and so on. You might even go further and group similar services according to their main benefit. Such as having your anti-aging treatments together.

A spa menu can also make things easier for customers by listing simpler treatments first in each category, and then moving down the line to the specialty treatments that are more complex.  

3. Place your spa menu online and offer e-bookings

Create an online version of your menu that's mobile-friendly, which means it will load quickly and easily on a smartphone. Clients expect the convenience of researching services online and then booking an appointment without having to call. For many prospective customers, your website will become their very first impression of your medical spa. Make it a seamless and appealing process, with compelling information and easy booking options. There's a wide variety of digital solutions for adding booking functionality to your website that updates in real-time.

4. Describe the benefits of each treatment with compelling language

Customers often walk in the door with specific goals for their wellness or physical appearance. But they may not know exactly how to reach them. Your services menu should take them by the hand and describe each cutting-edge procedure in an engaging way. You don't want to scare patients with a wall of text. But definitely highlight the most impactful benefits in a specific way.  

For example, “Botox injections can smooth out frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet, to reveal a refresh and rejuvenated appearance”. Focusing on these motivational benefits is a great way of closing the deal, and it also helps customers find the right treatment for their needs.

5. Be mindful of the look of your menu

Just as your services need to be attractive, so should the spa menu itself. Details like high-quality ink, readable fonts, and luxe paper stock will all contribute to an appealing medical spa services menu. The design scheme will depend on your spa's overall branding, but make sure you choose these details thoughtfully. Are you trying to evoke elegance? Do you prefer a modern, minimalist theme? Take the time to craft a menu that's pleasing to the eye and consistent with your brand.

Female medical spa attendant and customer discussing services offered in the spa.

6. Get help from the professionals 

It's well worth getting outside help to craft a medical spa menu that shows your services in their very best light. A professional writer can make sure your menu flows well, has engaging descriptions, and is free of any embarrassing typos. Similarly, a graphic designer is an invaluable asset for creating a beautiful, professional-looking menu. These talented visual artists will create the layout, choose a cohesive color scheme and incorporate your spa's branding or logo. 

7. Bring your menu to life with high-resolution photos 

Draw your customer in with some well-placed images that will get them interested in your most popular treatments. Photos make a big impact because our eyes are naturally drawn to looking at images, even before reading the text. The photos can highlight some of your signature treatments or even show “Before” and “After” shots of patients.

8. Be transparent with your pricing 

Some medical spas don't want to include prices on their menu. But this is usually not a popular decision with your prospective clients. Everyone wants to know what they're getting into. A medspa's menu should have everything your client wants to know about your services, which will include the price of each treatment. Not including your prices can actually make a new client think your medical spa services are out of their price range, which may very well not be the case. Don't lose out on new business by being coy with your pricing.  

9. Put the “Spa” into Medical Spa

A well-written spa services menu doesn't just explain the services, but actually gets people excited about them. You should emphasize the ease, painlessness, or minimally-invasive nature of the procedures whenever this is relevant and accurate. Medical spas have a clinical component. But your clients are still looking for a pampering experience that leaves them feeling truly spoiled. The menu should communicate the sense that they will be in good hands, as well as that they will leave your office looking fabulous.    


A well-designed medical spa services menu is your best asset for increasing sales while also providing great customer service. It's well worth investing the time and effort into crafting a spa menu that reads well, looks appealing, and supports the overall goals of your business. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your medical spa reach more clients.


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