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Here’s the truth: Content marketing leaders experience eight times as much traffic as non-leaders. Think about what you could do with all those new leads! Unfortunately, converting your business into a content marketing leader is no easy task.

Developing a clear B2B marketing strategy isn’t easy, but it is worthwhile.

It’s the best way to ensure your business maintains a robust online presence.

B2B Marketing Strategy


Video content is huge right now in digital marketing. But it’s not because people inherently prefer video over other mediums. Instead, it’s because of video’s storytelling power. When done right, it provides an efficient, sophisticated way to express your company’s story. Just like with B2C marketing, you need to create an emotional connection with potential customers and highlight your company’s unique selling point. Even if your company is in a less-sexy industry—let’s say logistics—you want to create that bond with decision-makers so they choose you over the other guys.

Pursue industry influencers

If you run a start-up, you need help from established players. The B2B market is all about trust—no one wants to put their business at risk. Businesses don’t want to outsource work to a newer, less-established outfit because they’re inherently less reliable than the competition. That’s where the support of key influencers comes in—it creates instant credibility and can provide a key in with potential customers.

B2B Marketing Strategy

Stats don’t lie

One advantage of marketing in 2017 is that you can track pretty much everything. Google Analytics is one program that allows you to see everything from click and conversion rates to average time spent on a page. It’s an ideal way to see what you’re getting in terms of ROI. Successful B2B marketers are constantly adjusting their strategies based on results. Complacency is a killer in the world of digital marketing—and your organization needs to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Be goal-oriented

Before you create any content, ask yourself, why does this content need to exist? What is its purpose? In the age we live in, where it’s simpler and cheaper than ever to bombard customers with promotion, successful digital marketers know they have to justify their content’s existence. Go back to your company’s mission and values to see how the content fits in. If it doesn’t, it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

Provide information

This is especially crucial in B2B marketing. If your company can become a reliable source for industry information, it gives you stronger credibility. Highlighting your company’s expertise means that business owners will be more likely to check in with you and more likely to hire you.

Crafting a B2B digital marketing strategy means you have to consider the needs of other business owners. Developing content that’s relevant and helpful for business owners should be one way you’re engaging potential clients.

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