The Most Common Content Marketing Mistakes Made by B2B Companies


It’s no secret to marketers that content marketing is key to accessing buyers early in their purchase journey. It gives sales representatives a leg up in the purchase process, especially when B2B customers have their minds made up before a rep can even reach out to them. A recent CEB study discovered a few unexpected content marketing mistakes that can derail the hard work a business puts into a content marketing strategy. We explain them and offer a few ideas to avoid them below.

1. Over-personalized content. The consensus among most marketers is that the most effective way to reach stakeholders is to generate

It’s important for any company that is serious about digital marketing to include a content marketing plan in its online endeavors. However, before you jump right into the world of content marketing, there’s some important background research that you need to do first.

content specifically targeted to each individual. This personalization was thought to increase engagement, and lead to conversions. The CEB research actually turns this precept on its head. The results of the study showed that when content was more personalized for each individual decision-maker in a group, it actually resulted in a lower probability for a quality sale. Instead, marketers should consider a more collective approach to their stakeholders. This encourages collaboration among a stakeholder team. Creating unity within those decision makers is vital to successful conversions.
2. Too much focus on being the expert. Becoming an industry expert is a major priority for many marketers. The idea here is that a customer is more likely to trust a business that has establish itself as a thought leader in the industry. However, the CEB study found that a customer’s decision actually is not influenced by the expertise of a business. Consumers are more likely to modify their behavior when they see an intellectual or emotional benefit in the business. This means a company that educates a consumer while also creating a convincing incentive to convert has a much greater chance of success.
3. Content doesn’t reflect purchases. The common belief among content marketers is that the interaction a customer has with their content is indicative of the progress a customer has made with his or her purchase. This affects the timing of when a sales rep reaches out to a consumer, which may be too early or late depending where the consumer is in the process. Because content isn’t created to convey this information, it’s not surprising that the CEB research showed that content downloads are a poor measure of purchases. A better approach is to target each step a consumer takes during the purchase process. Consider what information a buyer might want during each stage and market to each step individually.

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by Christine Kelly

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