A new study by Econsultancy and Lynchpin asked 350 company marketers which analytics skills were most desired in employees.

These are analytics skills that are most desired by digital marketers:

  • Producing reports (77%)
  • Using digital analytics tools (70%)
  • Conversion rate optimization (66%)
  • Project management (60%)
  • Using business intelligence tools (58%)
  • Stakeholder management (55%)
  • Querying database (51%)
  • Requirements gathering (49%)
  • Quality assurance (38%)
  • Statistical modeling (34%)
  • Javascript programming (24%)
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The effectiveness and user experience of a website is paramount to graphic design, yet design is a factor in conversion rate optimization. This has been an art form for digital marketers for many years now. However, structured testing has recently been kicked into high gear by the likes of Google and many other digital behemoths. That is evidenced by the move away from simple conversion rate optimization to the art of driving incremental revenue and profit.

The percentages indicate the amount of respondents who classified a skill as being in “high demand.” Producing reports was top of the list by quite a bit in terms of skill necessity. However, while they are in the most demand, they were also the skill that had the smallest skill gap among workers, according to those same respondents.

The largest skills gaps were in skills such as statistical modeling, business intelligence tools, conversion rate optimization, and digital analytics tools. In these skills, marketers had the greatest consensus that there is a significant gap between the top and bottom of the spectrum.

Other interesting trends were noticed in comparing this year’s results to previous years. The use of digital analytics tool was the only skill out of the 11 measured in the list that had fewer respondents say there was a “high” demand in house. There was also a decline in the amount of respondents who noticed a significant skills gap in this particular area. So based on this information, it would seem marketers have become more successful at finding digital analytics specialists.

However, the opposite trend is seen in other categories on this list, such as the use of business intelligence tools. About 58 percent of this year’s respondents listed this skill as being in high demand at their company, a significant jump from last year’s 44 percent. Additionally, 44 percent of respondents ranked the use of business intelligence tools as an area in which there is a major skill gap, which is up from the 38 percent response rate last year. This could be explained in part by the overall rise in use of such tools. This year, 64 percent of companies reported using them, compared to just 54 last year.

Finally, 51 percent of respondents said they expect to have more money budgeted toward analytics technology, but this is down from 56 percent in 2015 and 61 percent in 2014.

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