Ways You’re Killing Your Employees’ Motivation


Great employers are always looking for new ways to keep their employees motivated. But if you’re having motivation problems in your workplace, chances are that there are things that you need to stop doing to really improve the motivation levels of your team.

Here are some ways that you could possibly be killing your employee motivation:

Ways You’re Killing Your Employees’ Motivation

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• Keeping toxic employees. People with bad attitudes or people who act like jerks on the job really poison the well and bring everyone else down. If you can’t change their attitude, keeping them around could wreak havoc on the rest of your team.
• Lack of vision. You should have a clear goal and vision in mind for your company, and you should be able to clearly communicate that vision to all of your employees. If they don’t know what that vision is, then they’re going to be less effective because they can’t grasp the big picture.
• Wasting their time. Do you send out memos that don’t really have any important information, or call meetings just for the sake of having meetings? Things like this only serve to frustrate your employees. Wasting their time on a regular basis is going to make them less motivated to actually get anything done.
• Poor communication. Without open channels of communication, most people will spend a pretty significant portion of their time trying to figure out exactly what it is they should be doing, rather than doing it. You need to give people clear instructions as to what their tasks are, and what expectations you have for them. Otherwise, they’re going to lose motivation by having to spend so much time guessing exactly what it is you want out of them.
• Lack of appreciation. If you never tell your employees that they’ve done a good job or that you appreciate their work, they’re not likely to enjoy themselves very much. Take the time to recognize hard work and great achievements.

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