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Why Viral Solutions?

Fast Delivery – We are one of the original Infusionsoft consultants, and have helped all kinds of businesses implement Infusionsoft over the past 9 years.

Experienced – We have built endless amounts of sales funnels, and have integrated Infusionsoft with all kinds of software. Our consultants have spent the last 9 years perfecting the “Secret Sauce” of Infusionsoft.

We Know Business and We Know Digital – We are not just Infusionsoft experts! We bring decades of sales and marketing experience to the table, and we are also certified partners of Google, DigitalMarketer, StoryBrand, and Wicked Reports.

At Viral Solutions, we offer a few different options to help clients with Infusionsoft:

Infusionsoft Set-up: If you are brand new to Infusionsoft, and have not quite started using it yet, then you might want to seriously consider this service before you continue to move forward. Infusionsoft is extremely powerful software, but no different than building a house — you first need a solid and steady foundation; Infusionsoft is no different.

Infusionsoft API: The Infusionsoft API is needed to do advanced customizations of Infusionsoft and complex data transfers. The Infusionsoft API allows you to integrate the tools your team already uses on a daily basis into Infusionsoft using a secure data connection.

PlusThis: PlusThis is hands down the best add-on for Infusionsoft, and we literally wrote the book on PlusThis, “20 Easy Ways to Make Money with PlusThis” with co-author Brian Keith. As a certified partner of PlusThis, we are able to help you create automated webinar funnels, develop SMS/text messaging sequences, sync your email list to FB for retargeting purposes, scarcity triggers, and much much more.

Infusionsoft Campaigns: Need help building out a campaign? One of the most powerful parts of Infusionsoft is the campaign builder. This is where you can build extremely customized and automated campaigns. You can use it to trigger actions, tasks, emails, follow-up calls, and much more! However, keep in mind that when you are talking about automating a process, you have to be sure everything is perfectly in place and you are only automating what will not require human interaction.

• Infusionsoft Opportunity Management:  Do you know when you’re losing potential customers in your sales process? Do you know how long your sales process, on average, takes? Infusionsoft opportunities can help you track these common processes in your business so that you know how much time and money you’re spending to convert a stranger into a customer.

Infusionsoft Referral Partners/Affiliate Programs Management: Do you want to build out an automated selling system where others grow your business for YOU and you only pay them when they sell one of your products and/or services?! Having affiliates promote your brand is a great, low-risk way to drive revenue growth.

Infusionsoft Membership Sites: Membership sites can be used in all kinds of ways: online course sales, internal employee training, customer self management, protected video/audio/text content, and private portal builds for your affiliates. All of these different ways you can use a membership site can be integrated seamlessly with your Infusionsoft application. Our preferred membership platform to build with is Memberium, which is a tool that makes membership sites using both WordPress and Infusionsoft.

Monthly Maintenance: Often times our clients realize they don’t have the time to both run their day-to-day operations and set up all their marketing and more in Infusionsoft.

If every time you log in to your application you are wishing or thinking “why can’t someone else just do this for me?” stop right where you are, and give us a call! Seriously, before deciding the problem is the software, and you throw it out the window, let’s talk.

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