Key Marketing Trends Series | Separating the noise from the signals


Increasing conversions means increasing the touch, getting personal with segmentation and deepening the customer connection. In order to exceed customer expectations and increase the user experience we see the trend moving rapidly towards personalization.

In this series, we begin a discussion on Key Marketing Trends. Our objective is to bring forth ideas that empower you to fully realize the potential of today's 360 degree marketing efforts. 

The challenge is that prospects and customers expect you to know their needs, their wants, their pain, their problem more than ever. They expect your online business to cater to their needs, preferences and likes with every interaction.

Key Marketing Trends

With all the new devices, widgets, gadgets, sensors and big data it is no wonder marketers within organizations feel overwhelmed. It is getting harder and harder to separate the noise from the signals. Many of us spent the past several years adapting our digital assets to the mobile device by optimizing for both speed and page design response. Those of us with a human sales force have spent the last decade coaching our team how to morph from the pitch to the answer guy or gal. As technology evolves, so do our customers.

Here's an example of huge shifts. Today's brick-and-mortar retailer is having to compete with the online behemoth. Retailers like target offer a beacon to their app for in-store guests to gain specials unavailable anywhere else. “In a smartphone dominated world, 80% of millennials use their phone in-store and 74% claim to be willing to receive location-based mobile alerts. For an organization with an optimized mobile strategy, capturing customers in-store through digital techniques will provide an effective means of conversion.” ~ Digital Marketing Institute

In this series we will share our thoughts on the key marketing trends and help you stay ahead of the curve as the road shifts rapidly and the industry continues to reshape itself and its deliverables to meet consumer demands. We will discuss cross channel marketing, new tactical technologies and how to revise your strategy to meet your customers wants and likes. Realizing marketing's potential to deepen connections between your staff and your customer.

The amount of time our clients have spent on adapting to mobile over the last few years will pale in comparison to the changes we see coming. In five years, sales and marketing as we currently see it will no longer exist. Don't believe it? Well last year mobile apps accounted for 4 Billion downloads and five years ago those barely existed. Two out of every three adults use social media as their primary form of communication and to keep up with the news, enter Facebook Messenger over SMS – that did not exist five years ago. SnapChat now doubles the video views of Facebook and they declined a buyout offer from Facebook for $3 Billion! [Resource HubSpot]

Because of the changes in where the consumer gathers information all marketers have to move their content and adapt accordingly. Where the consumer has moved their buying habits to, we now have to sell their too. As consumers become savvier and more tuned into their digital surroundings, they have a greater desire to connect with brands and follow their stories. As social media consumption continues to rise and the big players are monopolizing the market, we can expect significant changes in social from next year and beyond.

“One big digital marketing trend that is expected to blow up in the world of social media comes in the form expiring content. Expiring digital content offers brands and businesses a means of cutting through the noise and clutter, and gaining the attention of their target audience without spending massive amounts of capital.” ~ Digital Marketing Institute

Join us as we share our thoughts on key marketing trends. How ready is your business?

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