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Among the various certification courses available through Digital Marketer is Content Marketing Mastery, which allows you to become a certified content marketing specialist. You’ll learn how to drive quality traffic from platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and more!

Certified Content Marketing Specialist Powered by Digital Marketer. This course gives you a step-by-step plan for turning your content into free, organic, sustainable traffic for your website.


No longer is it enough to just have a blog for your website. If you are going to continually generate new traffic, you need to do more and be more proactive with your content marketing campaigns.

Content Marketing Specialist

When you successfully complete this course you will be issued a certificate along with this badge to display proudly on your website, with your email signature or wherever you want to show it off! Let your colleagues, competitors, prospects and clients know you are certified to help them with all things content marketing!

Through high-quality content marketing, you will build more authority and credibility for your brand, engage and nurture prospects and customers alike by providing more value, and spread your message out to brand new audiences for free. Rather than trusting someone who does content marketing as a side job, get certified in content marketing best practices yourself to give your company an edge over the competition.

During the Content Marketing Mastery Course, you will learn:




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