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8 Things You Must Know Before You Advertise on Facebook

Facebook's New People Based Advertising Making Waves

Facebook has been at the forefront of marketing innovation for quite a while now, and a new advertising technology it’s been working on has been garnering a lot of attention within the industry.  They call it “people-based” marketing. The general idea is that you get to know your audience very deeply, even if you never actually learn their names or identities.

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 Popular Social Media Topics for Your Facebook Mixpost like a pro

Managing a social media page for a business doesn’t necessarily mean that every single post you make must be business related. In fact, adding a little personality to your posts makes you more human, more likeable, more memorable. Besides, Facebook is a social network. Just as you’d discuss other interesting topics at a business cocktail party, the same is true of social media pages. But what to post?

To get the most traction, it’s smart to stick with popular topics. After all, if they’re popular, they’re more likely to strike a chord with the masses. Thus, you can expect more comments, likes, and shares.

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Reality based conversations. | We get real and we stay that way. We know that no amount of great marketing, sales techniques, software as a service (Saas) or operational consulting will fix a bad entrepreneur. We are prepared to deliver our best, to enable you to raise your anchor through the one set of activities that sets the best apart from the rest.

 Identifying and Removing Fake Facebook Fans

How many of your Facebook followers are fakes? Facebook estimates that over 83 million of its users are fakes. Of those, about half are duplicate accounts while about 15 million are spam accounts. Whether you “bought” followers to help your page look good or have a bunch of fake followers who want to spam your page, identifying and removing the fakes is a good idea. Why?

For starters, fake followers don’t engage with your page. That lack of engagement matters. If most of your fans are fake and not engaging with you, your content will be less likely to be shown to your real fans.

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 These Two Can Play Nicely Together: Email and Facebook

Moving your business onto Facebook doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re done with email marketing. In fact, the two often go hand-in-hand. Use the quick tips listed below to make sure that both disciplines receive the attention that they deserve.

Building a Facebook following and an email list allows you to reach more people in more ways. The two can, and should, go hand-in-hand.

5 Tips on How to Integrate Facebook with your Email Marketing efforts

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Don’t Listen to People Who Tell You It’s Time to Quit Facebook

How to Tell When Employees are Considering LeavingI recently read an article on LinkedIn that suggested it may be time for businesses to step back from Facebook and focus their marketing endeavors elsewhere.  The author cited regular changes in algorithms, decrease in overall reach and a poor bottom line as reasons that people may consider pulling the plug.

When it comes to using Facebook as an advertising tool, we need to understand that it’s up to us to evolve with Facebook, rather than keeping our strategies the same throughout all the changes, which basically amounts to trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

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Anatomy of an Engaging Facebook Post

When you post a status upsocial media biographydate on Facebook, you do so hoping it will make an impression on your followers, right? While you may want them to smile, click through to your website, or leave a comment, there’s more involved than crossing your fingers and hoping they’ll like it. The elements below make up the anatomy of an engaging Facebook post.

All status updates should have a goal. In fact, you should identify the goal before you craft your post. After all, if you don’t know what you want your followers to do with a given update, how can you expect them to follow through and do it?

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