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Managing a social media page for a business doesn’t necessarily mean that every single post you make must be business related. In fact, adding a little personality to your posts makes you more human, more likeable, more memorable. Besides, Facebook is a social network. Just as you’d discuss other interesting topics at a business cocktail party, the same is true of social media pages. But what to post?

Popular Social Media Topics

To get the most traction, it’s smart to stick with popular topics. After all, if they’re popular, they’re more likely to strike a chord with the masses. Thus, you can expect more comments, likes, and shares.

According to Klout, the most popular topics on Facebook are:

This doesn’t mean randomly choosing a popular topic on social media and then talking about it. Think of how the topic ties into your business. For example, if you are in the wedding planning industry, celebrity weddings would be a natural fit as would food and music. You could also focus on holiday weddings, various religious and non-religious traditions, and memorable weddings in books, TV, and film. As far as software goes, you could highlight useful apps for brides and grooms.

Where to Find Popular Topics

Once you have a plan for posting interesting but relevant content around these popular topics, you may need to do a little research and/or brainstorming. Start by listing the popular topics you’re most interested in focusing on and then jot down ideas for finding topical information. For instance, the Internet Movie Database (IMBD) is an excellent starting point for finding information about movies.

Another idea is to set up RSS feeds for your popular topics, ideally narrowed down to reflect your niche. For example, you could create individual RSS feeds that pull in the latest headlines, articles, and blog posts around the keywords “wedding movies,” “celebrity weddings,” and “wedding quotes.”

Make it Your Own

Sharing links and posts is part of the social landscape. This is what helps posts go viral. Add your own description to encourage your followers to engage with you. Decide what you want them to do (like, comment, or share), and then ask them to do exactly that at the end of your description.

If you’re creating an original post around a popular topic on Facebook, turn it into an image that includes your company name, URL, or Facebook page address. For example, if you want to post an inspirational quote, posting it as a photo emblazoned with your information ensures that your name is associated with the photo should it go viral. Numerous online image editing services are available. You could also use Photoshop, Paint.net. Pixelmator, or any other image editing program you have installed on your computer to do this.

Whether you’re a wedding planner, office manager, florist, business consultant, real estate agent, or any other business professional, creating and sharing content built around popular topics can humanize your business page while making it more engaging for your audience.

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