Don’t Listen to People Who Tell You It’s Time to Quit Facebook


I recently read an article on LinkedIn that suggested it may be time for businesses to step back from Facebook and focus their marketing endeavors elsewhere.  The author cited regular changes in algorithms, decrease in overall reach and a poor bottom line as reasons that people may consider pulling the plug.

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Today, Viral Solutions’ mission is to provide its clients with the assistance needed to experience bursts of growth in their operations, and a big part of that is through the use of technology. When business owners feel overwhelmed, burnt out or unmotivated, Viral Solutions steps in to give them the tools they need to achieve new levels of success.

However, I couldn’t disagree more with her conclusion that it may be time to quit Facebook.

Yes, Facebook has evolved quite a bit over the last few years—this happens to all publicly owned companies that have investors to satisfy, especially companies as relatively young as Facebook. When it comes to using Facebook as an advertising tool, we need to understand that it’s up to us to evolve with Facebook, rather than keeping our strategies the same throughout all the changes, which basically amounts to trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Consider the case of Google—the world’s most popular search engine has changed its algorithms so many times over the years, and they’ve increased their prices for services like Adwords and other tools. But do you ever hear about people telling you it’s time to ditch Google, because it changes too frequently and old marketing tactics no longer work on the site? Of course not! There’s an understanding that everyone has, which is that Google is the number one search engine worldwide, which gives it a unique advantage and usefulness when it comes to marketing.

The same is true with Facebook. While the changes made to the algorithm and other aspects of the site over the years may have made it a bit more difficult to obtain the quantity of leads you’re used to, there’s no doubt that there’s now an enhanced ability to obtain a much higher quality of leads. And even if the quantity issue frustrates you, consider this—what else is there? Facebook is by far the most-used social media network available, and it is free to have an account. To not take advantage of a free service that allows you to connect to more than a billion people across the world would be lunacy.

Remember: Facebook, like everything else we use in marketing, is a tool. Nothing more, nothing less. If you’re not finding success in your marketing on Facebook, don’t point fingers at Facebook itself—instead, take a look in the mirror and figure out what it is that you can be doing better to find better success on the social network.

Ask yourself:

Do you have your Facebook Look-alike list mapped? Do you have Facbook pixel installed on your site? Have you rigidly defined your perfect prospective customer and targeted them through Facebook advanced features? Have you analyzed Facebook page insights for engaged users and mapped your posting, boosting and advertising plan to those insights? Are you engaging with your followers with every share and every post comment? Do your advertisements appear on Facebook mobile only, on Facebook desktop only – or both – why?

This takes work to make the outcome be what you need. Viral Solutions does this for its customer every day!

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