3 Tips for Hiring Millennials to Your Team


We’re at the time of year where a lot of companies are beginning to head to local colleges to begin recruiting new graduates. Young new employees can bring a lot to a team in terms of energy, new opinions and a positive attitude. However, whenever you hire employees that are likely to be a fair amount younger than average than the rest of your company, there are a few considerations you’ll want to take into account.

Here are some tips for hiring millennials to help provide them with a smooth transition into your company:

• Don’t try to suck them in with “cool” perks. A lot of companies that don’t particularly know how to relate to younger employees think that cool perks like game rooms or great food are 3 Tips for Hiring Millennials to Your Teamall they need to attract workers that are fresh out of college. The truth is that millennials, perhaps more than any other working generation right now, are looking for work that they really enjoy doing and care about. Your company’s mission and culture are more important to them than the side perks you offer.
• Give their position a purpose. Numerous studies on millennials in the work force agree that a significant portion of workers in their 20s and early 30s choose their company because of the sense of purpose it exudes. They want a clear set of goals that aligns with what they hope to accomplish in their professional lives. For Millennials, the concern isn’t so much with what you do as a company, but why you do it.
• Give them room to grow based on quality, not time. Make sure your young employees know that there is plenty of room for growth and advancement if they do good work, and have examples to back that up. This gives them the confidence they need from the first day on the job to take responsibility for their quality, and it gives them something to aim for.

Don’t give in to any stereotypes you have of younger workers. Instead, embrace that this upcoming generation has a lot of outstanding qualities that you would be wise to tap into with your company, so long as you do it in the correct way.
by Christine Kelly

CEO and Queen Bee | Viral Solutions LLC

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