7 of the Most Popular Web Design Trends for 2020


With the launch of 2020, we started not only a new year but also a new decade. When that happens, it typically brings some major changes with it. As a result, we are seeing a big shift in the look and feel of modern websites.

And while it may seem less important than other trends you could follow, 48% of people feel that the design of a website is the most important factor in determining the credibility of a company.

The web design trends of 2020 are all about making your website intuitive and uncluttered, giving particular attention to content and visuals so that it’s easy to use and clearly communicates your message. But, as you’ll see, this is being done much differently than before.

Let’s dig into the top web design trends to kick off this new decade…

Top 7 Web Design Trends for 2020

I won’t lie—some of these web design trends might make you a little uneasy. That’s what happens when changes occur that are fairly different from what we are used to. 

So, it’s time to open your mind and see these trends through a 2020 lens if you want to make your website stand out

1) Bigger and Better

In the past, web design trends were all about making sure you could see a lot of elements above the fold, which often meant that images and text were on the smaller side. 

It’s time to throw that out the window because in 2020, bigger is definitely better. Here’s what you’ll want to increase on your website:

The goal is to make sure the most important parts of your website are immediate and in your face by using striking and eye-catching elements that aren’t afraid to dominate. 

BUT, the key is to make sure there aren’t too many elements competing with each other or overwhelming the viewer. Choose your elements carefully and go big with those.

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2) Generous White Space

Most people are uneasy when there is white space, whether it’s on a website, on a flyer, or even in a room. We want to fill that space, especially if there is a lot of it.

But white space forms a very important piece of the pie when it comes to composition and layout. It provides spaciousness that lends itself to the fresh, crisp, clean look that is so popular today. 

White space is something that has always been important in the design world, but in 2020, it’s much more prominent and generous.

But, don’t think that white space has to be white. A better name for it would be empty space. For example, it can include…

White space is how we make important elements (callouts, call to actions, etc.) stand out, and it’s how we give visitors breathing room so that a page doesn’t feel tedious to read or view.

3) Moving Elements

Those up to date with the latest web design trends are using moving elements to add an extra pop and demonstrate a cutting-edge appeal. 

You can use moving elements in a lot of different ways, including…

If you use this web design trend right, you can improve your conversions. After all, the eye is drawn to whatever is moving, so it helps you control where your audience is looking on your website.

But it’s easy to do this one wrong, and if that happens, it can be distracting and annoying to your website viewers. So, use this technique sparingly and be strategic about it.

4) Solid Colors & Asymmetrical Blocks

One of the, well, trendiest web design trends that we are seeing in 2020 is the addition of a variety of different sized boxes of solid colors. Then, text or photos are included in some of the boxes.

These asymmetrical blocks are appealing and unique, and the companies that are doing it right are able to make it look orderly. They are also making it an extension of their branding by using their brand’s colors.

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When using this web design trend, you need to know that although the boxes are different sizes and colors, they need to create an overall composition that is cohesive and intuitive. Use them as complementary elements that enhance your brand.

5) Cut It in Half

Another one of the most popular web design trends that we are seeing is the concept of cutting the screen in half. 

By splitting a section of your website into two halves, you can effectively convey two ideas, while still keeping it clean and easy to navigate. 

This is especially effective when you use the first web design trend I highlighted in this article (big elements) because this breaks things up and provides variation that improves eye flow. 

And don’t be afraid to get a little creative. When you use this trend, you don’t need to keep the halves the same. Adding asymmetry into your design can take it to the next level! 

Here are some ideas:

You can have a lot of fun with this one and do some really unique and eye-appealing things.

6) Exposed Guidelines

While web designers have usually hidden the grids and guidelines that help them map out sections of a website, these elements are now showing up as part of the overall design. It can be unsettling until you get used to it.

Using exposed guidelines is a very retro look for 2020 because it alludes to when computers were just entering the world.

This web design trend usually lends itself to a more understated design, which can work out really nicely if your branding speaks to that type of look.

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7) Overlapping Layers

When you use overlapping layers, it allows you to turn a 2D screen into a 3D playland, but again, it is one of those design elements that can make you a little uncomfortable until you get used to it.

Here’s what this would look like: You’d place photos on top of each other, often in a way in which part of the image is obscured from view. Sometimes, additional elements come into view with the hover or click of a mouse.

This is another trend that can make or break your website. It usually creates a more cluttered look than the other web design trends that are popular this year, but if your team can pull it off, it can be really unique.

White space is very important in this kind of layout, and you must bring the most important elements to the top. Lightboxes can be used to achieve this look.

In Conclusion

With these top 7 web design trends for 2020, you can create an online look that is fresh and in line with what people want to see as we begin this new decade.

But, while trends are always worth looking at, ultimately, the best thing you can do is use your own data to determine which tactics should be used, even in relation to web design. 

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