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Viral Solutions is thrilled to unveil its collaboration with Rescued by Rembrandt, a nonprofit marketing firm founded by passionate rescuers for rescuers. Through this partnership, Viral Solutions will assist Rescued by Rembrandt’s efforts in delivering low-cost marketing services and emergency funding to animal rescues worldwide.

About Rescued by Rembrandt

Established in 2024, Rescued by Rembrandt is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity registered in the U.S. under EIN 99-1611420. It was created to fulfill a simple yet incredibly important mission—to empower animal rescues to maximize their impact. Built by rescuers to support animal rescues and their causes, this nonprofit marketing firm understands the challenges these organizations face in getting the necessary support. That’s why the team has combined their rescue knowledge and digital marketing expertise to offer a solution.

Animal rescues of all sizes and types can turn to Rescued by Rembrandt for a wide range of services, including…

…plus free downloadable and ready-to-use resources.

Fueled by funding from individual donations and partnerships, Rescued by Rembrandt offers these services at reduced, subsidized, or zero cost. Those interested in contributing can donate to animal rescue marketing, sponsor a rescue for Google Ad Grants help, and even give to an emergency fund for surgeries and transports.

Thanks to Rescued by Rembrandt, animal rescue organizations with limited resources can receive specialized digital marketing support to raise awareness, attract donors, and connect with potential adopters/fosters.

Why This Collaboration Is Noteworthy

In addition to having significant experience working with nonprofits, the Viral Solutions team is filled with animal lovers who believe in Rescued by Rembrandt’s mission and are eager to help drive it forward.

Taking a strategy-first approach, Viral Solutions has developed a brand-new website based on the firm’s messaging and branding guidelines. The team will proceed to aid Rescued by Rembrandt in reaching potential donors and rescues requiring marketing services.

As more individuals seek ways to support animal causes and engage with rescue organizations, there is a clear opportunity for Rescued by Rembrandt to position itself as a trusted partner in the animal rescue community. By working together, the two firms aim to change the way rescues engage with supporters online.

What Leadership Has to Say

Christine Kelly, CEO of Viral Solutions:

“The collaboration between Viral Solutions and Rescued by Rembrandt is poised to transform the landscape of digital advocacy for animal welfare by making it easier for rescuers to receive marketing services and funding. We’re proud to play a role in empowering rescues so more lives can be saved.”

Rescued by Rembrandt is forging a path toward a future where every animal receives the care, compassion, and second chances they deserve. The Viral Solutions team is excited to help Rescued by Rembrandt in assisting the unsung heroes of animal welfare.

To learn more about Rescued by Rembrandt, visit If you’re a rescuer in need of help, request a free consultation.


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