Tips for Training Virtual Team Members


The process of building your virtual team has been a long one. You’ve sifted through many promising applications. Eventually, you found the individuals who have the skill set your business requires. Now comes the task of training these new remote employees. Training new virtual employees will take a little more communication and patients than normal, but with today’s technology, it isn’t as daunting as it sounds. This article will give you the tools to get your new employees up to speed.

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Set Up Shop
Before you can start training your new staff, you should select the proper tools that will enable your team members to be productive. Virtual team members will need to use video chat technology for face to face interaction to build trust and connection with you, the leader and the rest of the group.

There are many online tools to help you bond with your staff such as: Google Hangout, Skype, and Yahoo! Messenger. Hold conferences for the whole group using WebEx, and NetMeeting. Set up telephone and e-mail communication with all of your team members. Get an online discussion board in place for to handle conflict and also for brainstorming ideas on group projects. You want to have your infrastructure in place, so you and your staff have a solid foundation to work from.

Now that your employees have the tools, it is time to use them to bring them up to speed. Hold a group web conference so everyone can get acquainted. Ask about their daily lives, family and hobbies so you can build connections and also trust with your new team. Present to them what the company’s all about, its vision and future goals. Explain to them how and where their efforts will be contributing to these objectives. Knowing exactly how they fit and where their hard work can take them and the company will get them eager to work.

So all of your staff are equipped with the technologies needed to enhance their productivity and communication. The only question is, do they know how to use it correctly? You can use your HR department to help train the team on the new technology. Every individual will have the strengths and their weaknesses. To train your new employees efficiently, have HR evaluate each and tailor their training to build up their weak points.

Keep regular communication with team members and give feedback on their performances. An individual will not learn from mistakes if they are unaware of them. Make yourself available for questions so you can lessen the chance of error, thus increasing productivity. Good communication is key, especially with remote employees. If you have it, training will be successful. Good luck.

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by Rob Carpen

Rob Carpen

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We help overwhelmed small business owners duplicate themselves – so business can be fun again.
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