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Customers are overloaded with messages vying for their attention, making their focus an increasingly valuable thing. In the crowded sea of marketing, what are the most effective ways to capture your customer’s attention?

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1. Understand your audience. Customers are more likely to remain focused when they are engaged in something they enjoy. This makes it invaluable to know your customer and speak their language. What are they saying about your product? Who is your customer? What do you know about them? With this education, how can you best engage that customer?
2. Know where they are. Physical demographic information can be useful, but in this instance, we’re talking about your customer’s media presence. Are they big on Facebook, but not on Twitter? Are they most responsive to email newsletters? Do they prefer print or digital? Are they looking at web advertisements? Are they on YouTube? Gathering the answers to these questions allows you to create a specific target that is more likely to capture your audience’s attention.
3. Make it worth their while. If a customer feels understood and connected with you, they are likely to give you more focus. Are you only marketing your product, or are you also marketing useful content that is relevant to their interests and needs? Showing an inclination to the interest of your customer indicates that your company is self-aware and understanding of your buyer’s perspective.
4. Use technology to your advantage. Video marketing is having its moment right now. Customers are busy and multi-focused, so they are hungry for easily accessible and digestible information. Video is the perfect medium to serve this — it shows and tells in a vibrant, engaging medium that is easy to access and understand. Now that Twitter and Facebook auto-play videos in their feed, the time is ripe to explore video marketing.
5. Hone your unique selling proposition (USP). Simply stated, a USP is that “thing” your company does that makes you different from your competitors. What sets you apart? Customer service? Price? Product placement? Identify your USP and then begin to market with that in mind. Test it in online ads, and see what works. Don’t be afraid to refine your tactic if the first try isn’t successful — your USP should consistently be evaluated.

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by Christine Kelly

CEO and Queen Bee | Viral Solutions LLC

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