Success with Digital Sales: The secret is to focus on people online, just as you do offline


So much is written about the digital sales and marketing process. You will find over 600 articles on our blog on the subject. Having grown Viral solutions into a a digital marketing agency that long surpassed 7 digits in revenue, many people want to know the latest digital marketing secret. We are commonly and repeatedly asked who writes our copy (we do), who does our SEO (we do), who creates our digital images (we do), who built our web site (we did), who implements our clients' vision (we do), what 3rd party geek do you use for your wizardry (we don't – they work here) etc. We do not have secrets! None! Zero! Zilch! Not a one!

At Viral Solutions we believe that the way you prospect, meet and greet or serve your digital community (online) should be the same as you would in person (offline).

We believe that the goals, beliefs and values of our clients and prospective clients should be in alignment with our own. This also holds true with the people who serve our clients as employees.

While there might be a full service marketing agency out there that is smarter than we are when it comes to picking the latest widget or gadget, we know that execution is more important than fluff and flash. As Gary Vaynerchuk advises, “Ideas are shit, execution is the game. Execute like the hare. Be patient like the tortoise.” We execute the vision with precision which is supported by a written strategy. Then we out work everybody for the betterment of the client – just like you would from within a corporate cubicle.

We believe the secret is to focus on people online, just as you do offline. You got it – we are proud to be old school smart and technical wizards. Here is a list of attributes, beliefs and values we hold dear:

business values and ethics

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The keys to success with digital marketing have always been the same as they were during the last century. Going digital just means you are expanding your reach, not canceling your values.


Thomas von Ahn

Thomas von Ahn

Chief Elephant Slayer for Viral Solutions LLC

“Achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful

men and women keep moving. They make mistakes but they

don’t quit.” — Conrad Hilton

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