Why Snapchat is the Next Big Digital Marketing Platform


Marketers may not yet consider Snapchat to be a social media giant, but they should. With its exponential growth in the last year alone, Snapchat’s more than 100 million users view over 8 billion videos a day — equal to the number of videos Facebook’s 1 billion users view daily. Snapchat is most popular with people younger than 35, making it an appealing platform for marketing professionals to target.

Below, we outline a few reasons why marketers should keep their eye on Snapchat in the near future.

  1. It happens in real-time. What makes Snapchat different is the immediacy and demanded focus of a Snap. Because the media has a short

    “What’s happening with technology in our culture and society is just evolution. Technology is not undermining real human interactions. Instead, it is exposing people for who they really are. I have been asked many times, “What are we teaching the young people?” I’ve watched the behavior of 14 year old girls spending 10 minutes to take the best selfie, post it on Instagram, and then take it down when it doesn’t get enough likes. This superficial behavior tends to concern pundits who think that technology is the cause of this appearance driven, attention seeking behavior in teenagers. But the thing is, teenagers have always strived to be liked and sought the attention of their peers and potential significant others. Selfies on Instagram is the evolution of this same behavior.” – Gary Vaynerchuk tanuha2001 / Shutterstock.com

    lifespan and the implied privacy if holds, Snapchat is inherently unique. It demands a user’s attention. With this kind of focus, marketers are in a position to capitalize on their brand.

  2. It’s less effort in the long run. A key advantage of Snapchat is that by nature, it is personal and offers a spirit of genuine identity. Establishing a campaign for your brand identity on Snapchat takes less time and effort because time itself is so fleeting on the app.
  3. It keeps your marketing sharp. To keep up, you have to stay in the moment. Cultural events happen without notice, so you have less time to carefully craft and build a marketing campaign. The result is an authentic persona for your brand. You’ll come across as current and personal while giving consumers an inside look at your business that is unlike any other platform.
  4. It creates unique marketing opportunities. The nature of Snapchat is so personal and instant that it makes the platform ripe for one-of-a-kind marketing strategies. For example, you might ask users to snap a photo of your product to receive a special coupon to use with their next purchase. It is also a great way to announce giveaways and specials, as well as behind-the-scenes sneak peeks at what’s coming up next for your company.

If you want to see a heavy hitter and passionate lover of SnapChat, look up Gary Vaynerchuk.

While engagement on Snapchat may be difficult to track, the opportunities it creates for your brand far outweigh its lack of analytics. The ease with which it fits the consumers’ everyday activity is a major benefit for digital marketers.

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