Small Business Growth Strategy | 3 Tips to Lead the Way


Good Ol’ Benjamin Franklin stated “without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning,”. Take a moment and let that sentence sink in, ponder it, and think about how it applies to you.
Perhaps your organization is in a decline, stagnation, or growth phase within your business life cycle. Whatever the phase that you would classify your business, know that that phase can change. That you can move forward – if you choose to do so.

Small Business Growth Strategy | 3 Tips to Lead the Way

You require and deserve the best tools available to achieve your goals and find success for your business. You deserve to work with a company that will not compromise your professional or personal ethics and integrity. Simply put, you have a right to the best business advice available, and we have a duty to provide that to you.

Keith McFarland, an Entrepreneur and former Inc 500 CEO, and author of The Breakthrough Company, described breakthrough growth is like a ladder. Each step within the ladder is climbing to a different level of organization growth (i.e. startups and small business, promising ventures, and breakthrough companies). Whether you want to continue to be a small business, but with greater revenue and marketshare, or if you want to grow your small business into a breakthrough company (i.e. McFarland describes that as leader in market-share and hitting home revenues in excess of $250M) you need to start with a growth strategy.

Every BIG company started small, so don't limit your growth possibilities based on where you stand today. Getting from where you are today as an organization, and where you want to be requires purposefully planned effort.

The following tips will help stir up the creative juices to inspire creating and implementing your growth strategy:

These are simply 3 essential tips to aid you in stirring up your creative growth strategy juices. Combining these tips with additional analysis to your primary growth objectives, revenue streams (today and where you want to be), strategic relationships, and development of your key performance indicators will aid you in creating your growth strategy. Calvin Coolidge stated “all growth depends on activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.” So, get ready, get excited, and go to work making your growth vision a strategy, and your strategy action.

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