Signs You Need to Revamp Your Social Media Strategy


Marketing in social media is all about finding the sweet spot. Being under or over saturated can make you feel like nothing you do on social media works. This probably isn’t the case — it’s more likely that you simply need to refine your approach to the way you market on social media.

Below, we examine some indicators that your business might benefit from a reworked social media strategy.

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It’s all about you
Are you having trouble getting your audience to engage? Do you seem to have too few shares, comments, and likes? It could be that your content is too egocentric. Take a minute and consider your customer. What are his or her needs? How does your business meet that need? Customers respond when they feel your business offers something of value to them, so focus on the customer as a whole when creating your content. For example, if your business sells running shoes, create content that a runner finds useful, like training tips and fun races in your area. Your customers are likely to engage with what is valuable to them.

It seems like nothing is working
Evaluate exactly what your goal in your social media marketing endeavors. Are you hoping to boost sales? Establish a personality? Communicate with customers? Become an “industry expert” by posting quality news and information about the business world? Those are all worthwhile goals. Our best advice is to start by choosing one or two of those goals and focusing on them first. Once you tackle your top social media priorities, move down your list and tackle the rest of your goals. It will help you from getting overwhelmed and it will help you establish an identifiable presence online.

It seems like no one is listening.
Do you feel like Adele is singing about your social media efforts when you hear “Hello” on the radio? (“Hello? Can you hear me?”) You may not be utilizing the best social media platform to reach your consumer group. Research shows that urban customers are more active on Twitter, so it would serve you well to know your demographic before launching a campaign on a specific platform. Also, don’t force your audience to be where it’s not. This sort of wishful, Field-of-Dreams thinking can be a wasted effort. If your target demographic is always on Facebook and never on Snapchat, don’t try to create Snapchat campaigns that will never reach your audience. Spend some time researching where your people are, and target them that way.

Do any of these signs strike a chord with you? If so, it may be time to revise your social media strategy!

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