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Have you ever observed and admired a company with the perfect business model? Is there a way to know exactly who your target customer is as the marketplace and your business evolves? If so, how would you market to them? If you had the best online presence, how would you capture their information, whenever they visit your site or come to your destination? Would you educate them and nurture them about your product or services or just pitch them over the phone until you have a customer or a worn out welcome? Does the perfect business get referrals from their customers and turn their customers into raving advocates?
In order to have the perfect business model, within your sales and marketing process, you have to know how you are going to accomplish the following components of that sales and marketing component within your perfect overall business model. Those components will mainly have the following features:
•Driving Traffic and Generating Leads to Your Online Sites & Physical Locations
•Capturing Information about the Traffic that Visits Your Site & Locations
•Qualification, Nurturing & Education of Your Leads & Prospective Customers
•Trained & Perfected the Trial Close and Converting the Prospect to a Customer or Client
•Staying in Constant Contact with Interested Prospects You Failed to ConvertLifecycle marketing. With these unique services, we teach our clients about the Seven Stages of Lifecycle Marketing and how they apply to their businesses. You will learn to ask questions such as: What is your perfect customer? Where in your lifecycle do you gain or lose customers? These questions and others will help you to gain more insight into your business and how you can continue to grow.
•Turning a Customer into an Advocate and that gives Your Business Referrals
•Massaging Leads from Your Referrals with Education, Nurturing & continually Qualifying
•Taking all the above Metrics from a Recording Process to Driving Action & Not just Plans
•Keeping the Process Flowing Automatically, Systematically & yet Economically Sustainable
We’ve found that most entrepreneurs, and many seasoned businesses, conceptually know about the perfect business model, some even pursue it, but many don’t know what tools or techniques are out there to help them to accomplish it.
In today’s world of information overload, you will find many tools and techniques to help you accomplish a perfect business model. However, as all of us frequent the businesses where we are the customer, our fresh set of eyes and perspective see things and know things the internal leadership does not. This is why the perfect business model rarely moves beyond the conception phase.
Your business must generate excitement, spontaneous enthusiasm, buzz and traffic. Your business must know how to capture leads with systems, how to consistently follow up with those leads, and how to turn them into advocates by creating an experience surrounding their purchase. Your business must have a sales team that knows this system will only enhance their performance through increased opportunities and conversion of leads to customers.
There are many, as we have witnessed real world examples from successful business owners on how to accomplish your goals and dreams. These successful sales and marketing digital juggernauts make it look natural, easy and automatic. That’s because it is, as long as you instill that from the top and expect it just as you demand your car to start in the morning.


At Viral Solutions we are committed to seeing YOU succeed. It is our goal to grow your business with proven digital marketing strategies that will help your business for the long haul.

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