Overwhelmed Small Business Owner: How and What to Delegate


You have been building your business for quite some time now, and you are the only one that knows how to run it. But you are starting to get swamped with some extra work, maybe a needy client or you took on a couple of new ones. Whatever the case, you know that handling everything you could, could cause you a stroke but you are reluctant to let go of some of the responsibilities. And who can blame you, it is a troubling thought to let someone else taking care of parts of your day to day affairs.

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Here are some tips to help you figure out how and what to delegate.

Tip # 1: Let go

Of course, you need and want to handle the most important tasks, so that you feel confident that they will be done right. But there are projects that you can safely hire out to independent contractors to save you some time.

Web design is one task you should leave to a professional. A web page is something that your customers will see before doing business with you, so you want that to look fantastic and work smoothly. Hiring someone to build your website for you will save time and stress because this is one of the biggest headaches for solo entrepreneurs.

Accounting is another good one to hand off especially if this is something you do at the end of the day when you are tired. If you are not able to focus you could easily make a small error that turns into a catastrophe farther down the road. So hire an accountant to keep your books.

Tip # 2: Freelance

You probably don’t have deep enough pockets to hire someone full time; that is ok because you can hire a virtual assistant or a freelancer. A virtual assistant is awesome for doing mundane tasks like organizing e-mails, keeping books and making travel arrangements. A freelancer is a good choice for doing projects like web design.

Tip # 3: Hire an employee

Sometimes there is just too much on the table to handle with only yourself and a part-time assistant. In that case, you have to bite the bullet and hire a full-time employee. Hire someone to do the administrative tasks that would normally take up a big portion of your time. It may hurt your wallet at first but having all of that time to focus on the more important tasks will help you get more done and grow your business faster.

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by Rob Carpen

Rob Carpen

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