Maybe They Don’t Like You: Dealing with Negative Feedback


Say it’s not so. Someone just left a scathing review of your business on Yelp or an unflattering comment on Facebook. While everyone’s entitled to their opinion, negative feedback on social media is there for everyone to see. Should you delete it (assuming you can), fight fire with fire, grin and bear it, or hope no one sees it? Take a deep breath.

You will receive negative feedback. After all, some customers will have legitimate issues that they need help resolving. Plus, you’ll get your fair share of people who simply can’t be satisfied no matter what, and they’ll air their complaints with gusto. You’ll also get your share of misguided complaints from people who may have mistaken your business for another.

No matter how or why someone has complained, you’ll need to respond. Doing so shows both the complainer and anyone else who may stumble across the thread that you care and are willing to resolve the issue. In fact, this is an opportunity to shine!Negative Feedback

Dealing with negative feedback requires a calm, well-thought-out approach. Ideally, you should create this approach in advance so that you can respond promptly and professionally from a strategic, rather than emotional, perspective. Use the tips below to plan your negative feedback approach.

Understand the different types of feedback. Negative feedback on social media tends to fall into the following categories:

Respond according to feedback type. Each type of feedback should be addressed. Below are a few examples of how you might respond to different types of feedback:

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