If your organization is on Facebook, domain verification is critical, especially since Apple’s iOS 14.5 privacy update began affecting mobile web advertising last year.

Verifying your domain on Facebook ensures you won’t experience an immediate or future disruption in the ability to configure conversion events. Plus, it allows you to control post and ad previews on Facebook and Instagram that link to your website.

By reviewing Your Complete Guide to Facebook Domain Verification, you’ll learn exactly what steps to take to keep your reputation safe and use all the business tools available.


Why Facebook Domain Verification Is Crucial

Facebook is an amazingly effective tool to get users to your website, an essential step to converting them into customers. When people love posts that link to your website, they feel compelled to find out more. 

But there’s a problem…

While you control how your content represents your brand on your website, you can’t determine how others characterize you on Facebook or Instagram. This becomes problematic when organic posts or ads linking to your website content misrepresent your message, product, or brand. 

That’s why Facebook domain verification is so important. Verifying your domain tells Facebook that you are the website owner, and only you get to decide how organic posts and ads represent your brand in previews that direct traffic to your website.

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How Apple’s Privacy Changes Come into Play

When Apple introduced iOS 14.5 in 2021, it dropped a bombshell on advertisers by affecting their ability to optimize ads by tracking data—especially for third-party apps and websites. For Facebook and Instagram, it changed how you can track conversions using pixels placed on websites when using iOS devices. 

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency now requires you to get iPhone and iPad users’ permission to track their activity. For example, you’ll need Facebook domain verification to track conversions between Facebook and your website. 

Here are some other situations when you’ll need Facebook domain verification:

  • Analytics: You’ll have to verify your domain to use the Webmaster Tool to see how often visitors share links to your website. 
  • Commerce: When you use Commerce to direct Facebook users to your e-commerce site, you must show that you own the domain.
  • Page Management: Once you verify ownership, you can manage multiple Pages without having to edit your website’s markup tags.

Does Facebook Domain Verification Seem Overwhelming?

So, you know now that Facebook domain verification is critical for you to ensure your Facebook Page and website work together to promote your brand, increase conversions, and enable e-commerce. 

But if you don’t have an in-depth knowledge of Meta Business Suite, you won’t know how to verify your domain. And trying to figure it out can quickly become overwhelming. The thing is, you don’t need to worry. We have created Your Complete Guide to Facebook Domain Verification—to take you through each step of verifying your domain so that you can enjoy the full benefits of owning your website.

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Step 3: Gain complete control over your brand on Facebook and beyond.

Your Complete Guide to Facebook Domain Verification provides easy-to-follow instructions to get control over your brand and make the most of Facebook and Instagram to grow your business.

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What to Expect from This Guide

This resource provides straightforward instructions to verify your domain. Once you’ve downloaded this FREE guide, you’ll be able to review the first critical steps to achieving your goal. 

Only once you have verified your domain can you…

  • Edit your link posts’ images and descriptions
  • Control which advertisers can represent your brand 
  • Use Facebook to drive traffic to your e-commerce website and increase conversions
  • Analyze conversions and traffic to improve your Facebook marketing strategy
  • Manage multiple Pages with ease

So, don’t delay. Complete the form below and download a FREE copy of Your Complete Guide to Facebook Domain Verification today! 

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