Landing Page Tips to Help Increase Conversions


Your landing page is the first thing a visitor sees. What sort of first impression are you making? This can be measured through your site’s conversion and bounce rates, and if you aren’t pleased with those numbers, we’ve collected some tips to give them a boost.

Improve your social proof
What’s a social proof? Excellent question. Essentially, social proof is what makes us likely to adapt to a trend we see. It’s what makes us more likely to visit a restaurant with great reviews or go see an Academy Award-nominated film. We’re willing to convert when we trust a source. Trust-building can be leveraged when you publish first-hand testimonials from real people, instead of you tooting your own horn. Let others toot it for you – conversions occur by looking at other brands and people your customer trusts, and then following that behavior.

Comfort the customer
Users want to know they are investing themselves in something of quality. They’re nervous about getting ripped off. This makes it imperative for you to establish yourself as a credible source. Be as transparent as possible on your landing page. Let your consumer know you aren’t trying to take advantage of them by referencing other established brands that back your business. Borrowing credibility is okay!

Is the appearance of your landing page clean and professional? Does it speak to the quality of your product or service? The appearance of your site has a near-immediate effect on your consumer, so make it appealing. Use counters to your benefit — social media counters are great if they’re reflecting an active, engaged audience, but if they show low numbers, it may cause your user to wonder why no one else has liked or shared your content, undercutting your credibility. This could lead to high-bounce, low-conversion rates.

Choose testimonials carefully
Personal testimonies are some of your most useful tools in increasing landing page conversions. Make sure the testimonies you use include names, credible photos (not ones that look like generic, stock photos) and are from real people. Use testimonials that talk up the features and services you offer, while speaking of specific benefits instead of just spouting non-descript praises (“They’re great!” “Love it!”). Remember that you are trying to establish trust. Make choices for your landing page that are likely to eliminate customer anxiety and get you the most conversions.

by Christine Kelly

CEO and Queen Bee | Viral Solutions LLC

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