Honesty's the Best Policy in Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing focuses on individuals who are normal people giving honest opinions. Consumers are tending to look at other sources of information on a product rather than trust a celebrity in a fashionable TV commercial. The rise of technology coupled with social media has made this possible. If you make a great reliable product, this can be a cheap or even free advertisement campaign!

influencer marketing

Influencer marketing isn’t a new tactic. It’s a standard tactic for marketers and analytics. It is evolved as a tactic used in social media to drive word of mouth. Influencer marketing can greatly improve audience engagement, generate content and promote offerings. Influencer marketing can range from employee engagement to blogger outreach. However, those tools may not be the most effective.

Average Joes trust average Joes

“Some people have more money than brains.” That's what my dad used to tell me. And I believe it. The smart consumer won't fall for the flashy ads. Studies show that 92% of consumers trust a friend or family member's opinion on a product and 70% will trust a review posted online by another consumer. There just isn't any better way to make a decision on what product to buy then to get an honest opinion from someone who has recently purchased it.

Social Influence

In the age of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, blogs, etc. influencers are a dime a dozen and consumers are buying. Teenagers these days follow YouTube personalities more than TV and movie celebrities. And bloggers who post their opinions and reviews online have a great impact on trends. The Hover Board took off by way of social media. A celebrity had one, posted a video of it in use and it got 1.1 million likes. Soon it was shared by regular joes who posted videos of themselves riding it and having a blast, so other consumers caught on the bandwagon and purchased their own.

Influence in Numbers

Many men and women have Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and blog accounts with many followers. If approached correctly the right individual can be used as a great influencer for your product. The right blogger/Instagram account holder should have a following of likeminded people that are honest and trusted in the social media world. Authenticity is the name of the game. It has to be someone the general public can relate to.

In conclusion, don't underestimate the power of social media. If you have an awesome product, give a sample or a free trial to a trusted well followed social media personality. The consumers will take it from there. Remember that consumers trust other consumers.

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