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As entrepreneur's we are driven into solving problems. Our passions are self-evident. Our love of our craft, our trade, our will to fulfill a need Like a drifter, they go down the only road they've ever really known. They were born to walk alone. and our drive to chase success is intoxicating. We all know where we've been, some of us aren't sure where we are going and a lot of us only think we know how to get there. We hang on to promises of the trials we experienced yesterday. We have experienced success and failure – sometimes in the same hour of the day. But, here we go again, we aren't wasting no-more time, we are off on that lonely street of dreams!

The local small business owner. The solopreneur working out of their basement. The entrepreneur building a business through a virtual existence. Many, if not most, left the corporate cubicle because they just do not fit in.

Hitting performance targets for the behemoth company does not fuel their engine against the daily grind. They would rather be a lonely leader searching for an answer, trying to find what their looking for – praying for the strength to carry on. They know what it means to walk along the lonely street of dream. Here they go again!

HERE I GO AGAINWhitesnake(C) 1987 The David Geffen Company (P) 1987 UMG Recordings, Inc.Like a drifter, they go down the only road they've ever really known. They were born to walk alone. They've made of their mind, they're wasting no more time. Family members see their dreams and ask them when they are going to get a real job. They take the jab very personal. This is not a dream in their mind, it is an execution of a long term plan. The lonely street of dreams is their path to self-generated success. The only person who gets them, is them. The only person they can often work with, side-by-side day after day, is them. Most great leaders, inventors, creators and visionaries we have saluted through time were too.

The work-at-home consultant, coach, trainer and speaker are just a few examples of solopreneur's looking for a heart in search of rescue. Their critics see their fee structure as someone waiting on love's sweet charity. Not! They're going to hold on, for the rest of their days, because they know what it means to walk the lonely street of dreams. Here they go again on their own! Going down the only road they've ever known.  Like a drifter they were born to walk alone. They've made up their mind. They aren't wasting no more time.

Resource: “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake (C) 1987 The David Geffen Company (P) 1987 UMG Recordings, Inc.

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