Content Marketing Engagement: Gone in < 20 Seconds


Alarmingly, marketers have very little time to gain the attention of their site visitors and potential customers. In fact, 85% of visitors to content never return, and 40% spend less than 20 seconds on that blog article you spent days crafting to perfection.

Content marketing engagement is quickly becoming an art form. Or is it?

Marketers broker awareness and day-trade attention, according to Gary Vaynerchuk. It is increasingly important to know what visitor passed the stage of awareness and moved on to engaging with your content. It is a must to use tools that measure intent. Knowing the difference between a passing fancy and actual purchase intent takes not only a great tool but also an educated mind.
With that being understood, let’s look at ways to measure on-site visitation, engagement, and lead generation for small-business owners who need such data (also known as everyone)…

  1. Identify Key Pages & Subsequent Behavior.Certain web pages are key to your online prospecting funnel. Those pages deserve special attention. Determine where your prospects came from to arrive at a specific page. Did they come from social media, your competition, or an affiliate page? Or, did they find it through your own advertising?When you have a strong page—from a content perspective—but it’s not performing as expected, then it’s time to employ the tactic of split testing on different content, images, headlines, and menu connection.Pro Tip: Headlines are the first textual element your visitor interacts with on your site. Finding out how they interact with varying headlines is a great place to start split testing.
  2. Pixel, Track, and Shout:For those in the B2B market, understanding how a site visitor arrived is critical.Rather than just blasting out a tweet or picking a page and stapling that pixel on—like the tactics used by today’s virtual cold caller—do some research and backtrack the path of the page hitter who spent enough time and engaged in a way that shows intent.When you have a better understanding of how a site visitor ended up on a particular page, you can then determine the why and market accordingly.Pro Tip: Having a set of gated pages with protected content for “insiders” can be a great way to make them feel special.
  3. Get a USP:If you don’t have a USP (unique selling proposition), your audience has no reason to think you’re a better choice than your competitors. But don’t make the mistake of assuming that your USP is all about you. The most powerful USP is one that digs deep into a prospect’s wants and desires to determine what aspect of your product/service will prove most valuable to them.Further, you need to not only have a USP but also highlight that USP throughout your content to engage your prospects.Pro Tip: A USP starts with identifying your ideal customer. If you and your employees can’t do that, it’ll be difficult (if not impossible) to develop a USP that resonates with those to whom you want to sell.

Here at Viral Solutions, we know just how important it is to both get and keep the attention of prospects. And chances are you’ve found that being successful at content marketing is no easy feat! So schedule a free consultation today to learn about how our team can offer the content marketing help you need to keep prospects engaged and moving through the funnel.

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