Common Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Mobile App


Today, smartphone and tablet users spend much more time using mobile apps than they do surfing the web on mobile browsers. It makes sense for your company to investigate the idea of creating a mobile app, if you have a good plan for how it can improve the customer experience.

However, there are certain mistakes that you need to be aware of as you go about creating that app. Beware of these common app development pitfalls:

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• Not thinking through your platform choice. You have a lot of choices for where to publish your app, including on iOS, Android and Windows. If you’re not going to get started by publishing on all of them, you need to do some research to determine which one would be most likely to help you achieve your goals. For example, Android is a better option for an international audience because it is used most widely on a global scale. But if you’re mostly a regional company, that probably isn’t of much concern to you, and you’d look at other factors.

• Not thinking outside the box. Your mobile app is a lot more than a dumbed-down version of your website. Its functionality and scope should be completely different. It should be much more intuitive and easy to use, and possibly introduce new features.

• Not marketing the app. You have to realize that there is a whole sea of apps out there, so it’s not an “if you build it, they will come” scenario. You have to do your due diligence in marketing the app to draw attention to it. That means cross-channel marketing plans online, on social media, in press releases, whatever you need to do to increase awareness and get eyes on your app.

• Not testing the app on other people. You need to have some beta testers available that are removed from the development team so that you can see how it goes over with an unbiased user. That way, you can determine what does and doesn’t work well before you launch.

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