4 Tips for Rebooting YOU – Today


Are you feeling lost, overwhelmed, or simply drained? Do suffer from life running you, rather you running it? Are you wondering why in the world you do what you do or what you can to regain that once easily excited and passionate about life person that once was you?

Well, my virtual friend, this brief article may just shed some light on steps that you can use today to reboot you.

Great Reads to Aid You to Reboot…

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by Katie Doseck, Ph.D.

Chief Visionary and Strategic Ace Up Your Sleeve | Viral Solutions LLC

Dr katie Doseck, PhD Viral Solutions

Katie Doseck, PhD | Chief Visionary & Strategic Ace Up Your Sleeve. I catapulted my experience with extensive education, trainings, and personal coaching; earning a PhD in Organizational Management with a specialization in Human Resource Management, MBA in Organizational Leadership, and BA in Law & Liberal Arts. Subject Matter Expert (SME) areas: Human Resource Management, Employment Law, Organizational Change, Change Management, Resource Planning, Strategic Planning, Talent Management, Selling & Sales Management, Training & Development, Decision Making Models, Project Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Motivation. Dr. Doseck is based out of Logan, Utah.


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