Figma for Design – Part 1: Introduction to Figma


Offline design tools are expensive, and using them is time-consuming. Design work often means juggling multiple apps, many manual tasks, and moving documents back and forth between teams. In this introduction to Figma, we learn that moving online has been a game-changer for designers, as with other design tools.

Like Google Docs did for Word users, Figma saves designers time by allowing them to collaborate and share real-time information. 

But Figma is not just for designers. It is also a shared space where your entire team can collaborate and share perspectives for more creativity.

Get to know what Figma is and its benefits for your business in Part 1: Introduction to Figma, the first blog in our series, Figma for Design.

What Is Figma?

Figma is a graphics editing app that works on various browsers, allowing you to collaborate with your team on design projects. 

Once you open a new tab, you and your team can start designing. 

You can use it for graphic design, such as… 

You can also use reusable components for design and content consistency.

Figma offers a free plan where you can create and store 3 active projects simultaneously. This plan provides a great introduction to Figna but is also more than adequate for small projects.

What Are the Benefits of Figma?

Now you know what Figma is, we’ll move on with an introduction to Figma’s various benefits for your business:

1. Real-Time Collaboration

With Figma, you no longer have to design within separate spaces. You can use it as a collaborative whiteboard for sketching initial ideas and refining everything from wireframes to prototypes.

Your team members can also contribute to early design explorations and become part of key product decisions. Figma also encourages transparency, as you can watch team members working on a screen.

If you’re conceptualizing a big idea, it can help you bring your team’s thoughts together in one place.

2. Fast and Easy File Sharing

Figma stores all the information on the cloud. In fact, you can open Figma on all major Operating Systems, including Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. You can also download and use the Figma stand-alone app.

Sharing a link with developers gives them access to all the information they need to implement design elements. 

Since file systems reside online, there’s only one single source of truth. You don’t have to worry if you’re viewing the latest version. 

You must, however, be careful with user permissions to avoid losing information following erroneous edits. 

3. Numerous Third-Party Integrations

Figma is responsive to the design community’s needs, quickly implementing requested changes such as animation, components, and design system tools. 

Its APIs allow integration with any browser-based app. Productivity integrations enable team members to find your design files wherever they work. 

Some productivity integrations include… 

Prototyping integrations include…

Computer-generated image with multi-color background with VS team member in front with a thinking face.

Is Figma Easy to Learn?

Figma’s beginner-friendly editor makes it easy to use. Just a brief introduction to Figma is enough to perform tasks like prototyping and designing an app with the basics of shapes, images, and text from scratch or using templates.

But there’s a lot to learn to dig into Figma’s full potential. It is made for user interface design and prototyping. 

You need a better understanding of UI design to make the most of the app. You can find resources that will provide a longer introduction to Figma on its official website

What Is Figma Used For?

This section of the introduction to Figma looks at the wide variety of features and how you can use them for your business. These include: 

1. UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) Design

Many businesses understand the importance of UI/UX in attracting and growing their customer base and sales. 

A good UI/UX eliminates annoyances such as difficult navigation, too many pop-up videos, and slow loading speeds that turn off web visitors. 

And Figma is one of the best UI/UX tools because it is web-based with an excellent user interface for real-time collaboration and exchanging experiences and ideas between teams. 

Moreover, you can integrate Figma with different tools and platforms, giving access to many team members. 

With access to a community of users, you’ll get solutions and tips to create the best UI/UX designs.

2. Building and Testing Prototypes

Figma’s simple-to-use prototyping feature also eliminates the need for other tools that do slideshow-style prototyping, like InVision or Marvel. 

With Figma, you can…

3. Creating 3D Assets

Generic drawings and photos no longer cut it. Brands are now using 3D models to create exemplary images. 

You can create 3D assets with Figma by installing 3D plugins such as Vectary 3D Elements, 3D Transformer, and Easy Mockup

4. Storing Your Files

Saving files on Google Drive and DropBox is great, but Figma comes with many more functionalities. 

You can separate folders into different themes and share certain photos with others. People who receive your files can also add to them and save what they want.

5. Storyboarding Videos

You can also storyboard your content, such as videos and scripts. Storyboarding helps you map out your story to create an excellent customer experience. 

You can storyboard using templates or install plugins to sketch directly onto different frames.

6. Designing Web Pages

A well-designed website helps your business expand its reach and maximize its income. 

Figma lets you design web pages and see how different pages work before launching them. You can also choose your design dimension size based on the display size of your device. 

Takeaway: Use Figma to Enhance Your Marketing

Figma is among the top interface design tools on the market. It keeps all your team members on one page and encourages collaboration, creativity, and transparency. 

As you’ve discovered reading this introduction to Figma, your marketing team can use it for…

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