Introductory Social Media Marketing Package

Are you disappointed with the results you’re getting from your social media efforts? Learn how to improve your social media presence for the benefit of your audience and your organization.

Take advantage of our two-phase social media marketing package to get the expert guidance and assets you need!

How the Social Media Marketing Package Is Set Up

If you want to make your social media presence count, you need to develop a plan and execute it properly. This can be tough to do on your own, which is why our social media marketing package is set up in two phases: social strategy and social style.

Phase One: Social Strategy

What platforms are there and how to know which ones you should be using? Why is it important to be on multiple channels? How can social media be used to engage your community and grow your business or organization? Our Director of Social Media & Community Engagement, Lauren Zylyk, provides you with everything you need to know to elevate your social media strategy.  

Phase Two: Social Style

Our team of experienced graphic designers creates a social graphics package just for you using your brand’s fonts and color palette. This package ensures your brand has a consistent look and feel across social media platforms. 

What You’ll Receive with This Package

The entire package will be completed and delivered in 2-4 weeks. Graphics will be sent for one round of feedback and editing; requests for additional edits or graphics will be quoted and billed separately.

Note: Time may vary depending on your availability for the Zoom meeting.

Your social media efforts may not be working now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn things around. Let our team provide you with the expert guidance and assets you need.


Don’t struggle with social media any longer. Instead, look forward to higher engagement, more followers, and better results overall. Get our social media marketing package today and start improving!