How to Update Your Facebook Marketing Strategy for 2022


With Meta forever tweaking its social media business tools, updating your Facebook marketing strategy for 2022 is a must—especially since Facebook is the keystone to most social media marketing. 

Your changes will depend on whether your Facebook strategy is on target to generate the ROI you need. Considering the rising cost of ads and poor engagement many users see, improving these metrics may be a top priority.

The good news is that even if you’ve noticed rising ad costs and declining engagements are eating into your returns, there is a lot you can do. 

Over the last year, Meta has responded to feedback from customers unhappy with the returns from their Facebook marketing efforts. The company has been busy introducing and testing new features to increase engagement and open up new ways to generate income for more content producers. 

So, when updating your Facebook strategy for 2022, make sure to use these new tools and features to help invigorate your Facebook campaign. 

To help you update your Facebook marketing strategy, we’ll look at the options and explain how they’ll boost your results. But first, we’ll look at who’s using Facebook, how they use it, and what changes to watch for. 

1) The State of Facebook

Facebook now has more than 2.91 billion users worldwide. Its closest rival, YouTube, has 2.3 billion users. 

While Facebook’s growth of users slowed, revenue trended up. Facebook’s year-on-year growth in daily users slowed from 12% in 2020 to 6% in 2021. Ad revenue reached $28.3 billion in 2021. Year-on-year ad revenue accelerated from 22% as of 2020 to 33% in 2021.

Facebook advertising costs are going up too. The US cost per thousand impressions (CPM) has more than tripled from $10 in September 2018 to $35 in 2021

2) Reach in North America

The potential reach with Facebook continues to be vast. Some 261 million North Americans use Facebook. Advertisers can potentially reach more than a third of the US population. Of course, the actual reach depends on the tactics you use. But some content creators are finding it increasingly hard to get noticed in the ocean of Facebook Pages.

3) The Facebook Users of 2022

Since so many people started working from home, users have become more casual, empathetic, and open, according to The 2021 Topics and Trends Report from Facebook IQ. Because many haven’t had to go to the office, they’re now dressing to be comfortable. That means they are less likely to frequent hair or beauty salons or spend on formal clothing.

“Americans are prioritizing authenticity over appearance, even if that means being vulnerable.” — The 2021 Topics and Trends Report from Facebook IQ

In terms of demographics, more women use Facebook than men, and users continue to be represented in every age group. The largest group is between 18 and 34 years old. People over 65 have increasingly used Facebook over the years but are still the smallest group. 75% of users earning $75K or more are on Facebook.

4) How People Use Facebook

Understanding how people use Facebook is critical when updating your Facebook marketing strategy for 2022. Here are some behaviors to keep in mind…

Consider that videos drive far more traffic and engagement than linked text or image posts. Most users view Stories, which are effective at driving brand interest. But, engagement rates overall are paltry at less than 0.08 percent, according to RivalIQ.

Recent Facebook Updates to Be Aware Of

As mentioned earlier, recent updates have focused on increasing engagement through videos and live streams. It’s worth noting that according to BloggingX, Facebook Live videos generate 10 times more engagement than traditional videos. 

Here are some changes they made last year…

Tips for Updating Your Facebook Marketing Strategy for 2022

It’s time to look for new ways to create income and engage more followers with your Facebook marketing strategy for 2022. If you’re struggling to get a decent ROI, you could diversify your social media to platforms that are cheaper to advertise with or are less competitive.

But don’t abandon Facebook! It’s still the largest platform and working hard to improve its performance. 

Here’s how to update your Facebook marketing strategy for 2022. (Look out for bonus tips at the end of the blog!)

Increase Engagement and Earn Income with Videos 

1) Use Facebook Reels to Create Interest in Your Products and Connect with Fans 

Reels are short-form videos designed for you to tell your story in 30 seconds or less. They aren’t clickable, but you can add stickers and other effects to make them fun and fabulous. Once you get the knack for producing inspiring and engaging clips, you’ll begin creating a buzz about your products and reach out to new audiences. No advertising, unfortunately, but that may come soon.

See how to create a Facebook Reel through Facebook apps for Android and iPhone here. 

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2) Create Facebook Stories with Video and Other Content

Facebook Stories stay live for just 24 hours. But they shine brightly during their short life, being displayed at the top of newsfeeds. They are widely viewed, too: 68% of family app users watch them at least once a week.

Keeping videos between 60 to 90 seconds should earn you the most reactions, according to BuzzSumo. They really are a multipurpose tool. You can include videos, text, images, music, stickers, polls, events, and more. You can link them to your website or product page and schedule them for publication in advance. 

Create your Stories using the Business Suite app

3) Get Paid for Hosting Events on Facebook Live

You can use your charismatic personality to host online events on Facebook Live and develop a closer relationship with the audience. The other neat thing about Live videos is that you can charge admission to attend your events

The longer the video, up to about 16 minutes, the more chance you’ll get a reaction from Live video. 

Now is an ideal time to try this revenue source and develop a following because Live is currently free. Facebook has waived any fees until at least the end of the year. 

See how to schedule a Facebook Live event in Business Suite or Live Producer here. Here’s how to set up a paid event. And if you have problems screen sharing with Facebook Live, we have a blog that explains what to do.


4) Use Facebook Shop to Sell Products

If you have something to sell, you can do it through your Page with Facebook Shop. Customers will be able to browse and check out purchases through your Page, your website, Messenger, WhatsApp, or third-party e-commerce platforms like Shopify.

Create your Shop with Commerce Manager, and use it to manage your inventory and sales on Facebook and Instagram. The best part? It’s free until at least June. 

Improve Engagement by Targeting Content 

When it’s hard to compete in the global market, you need to find or create your niche where you are a bigger fish in a smaller pond. 

That’s where segmenting your audience and targeting your unique message comes in. To do that, you need good data to understand how your content and ads are performing in different audience segments.

You can use Meta Business Suite Audience Insights to manage and analyze your data for your content and ads, including the following areas:

It also offers tools to target your ads to the right people and manage your ad budget.

If you need help making sense of the data, a marketing agency can help you understand your metrics. They’ll also guide you on how best to use the results to improve your Facebook marketing strategy for 2022.

Create Partnerships with Influencers to Leverage Loyalty

A vlogger records a live video to recommend products via social media.

Now is a great time to create a partnership with influencers as they ride at the top of the social media wave. When you work with an influencer, you can tap into their loyal following who strive to emulate their lifestyle. 

Trusting the influencer’s judgment, fans come to you already primed to buy the recommended products. Over a third of marketers who used influencers reported they were happy with the results of the partnership.

One thing to note, though… Since October, Meta hasn’t allowed new brands to use Collabs Manager, a tool for finding and collaborating with influencers. But this useful tool is still available to content providers using Instagram.

Build a Community with Groups

Facebook Groups are a great way to engage with customers and others interested in your business. You can get people talking by inviting members to create posts or feature products or company news. The idea is to develop a closer relationship between the company and its customers. One bonus, your members will end up creating most of the content instead of you.

Group Insights provide metrics about your group, including member activity and engagement. Group Insights are available for groups with more than 50 members.

Facebook recommends creating a Page for your group.

Use Messenger Automated Response Service to Build Loyalty

Excellent customer service will help you keep existing customers and attract new ones by building your brand’s reputation. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have great potential to help you. For example, customers could message queries to ask if a particular item is in stock or find out about a product or service. 

Now, with Facebook Messenger, you can automate frequent sales and customer service to answer questions 24/7. You’ll also spare your sales and customer service teams from answering the same questions time after time.

You can set up automatic responses and customize your questions and answers for Facebook Messenger in Business Suite. The program uses customized keywords to prompt the appropriate response. You can also set WhatsApp as your default app instead of Facebook.

Include High-Quality Graphics, Videos, or Photographs in All Your Posts

The type of content that works on social media is changing, and you need to respond to keep engagement up. 

Regularly posting high-quality images and well-designed graphics to go along with written content is more important than ever. Text without visual cues won’t cut it anymore. 

With so much content on the Facebook stream to scroll through, people skip anything that doesn’t catch their eye and draw them in. To avoid being part of the background, you have to persuade them to read your post in the fraction of a second you have their attention. 

One of the best ways to do that is with graphics. 

Grab the reader’s attention with headlines, images, and graphics that work together to convey the sentiment of your post. After studying our metrics, we found that optimal caption lengths for graphics and carousels are 50 or 500 characters.  

If you don’t have a graphic designer on hand to build them, you can use an online design tool like Canva to create stunning graphics for a very affordable monthly fee.

Bonus Tips


Despite rising ad costs and struggling to be seen with organic content, small businesses shouldn’t abandon Facebook. Instead, your Facebook marketing strategy for 2022 should be a central pillar of your social media marketing.

Smaller businesses in 2022 should focus on finding tactics that increase engagement and reach while cutting ad costs to get the best ROI. 

For example…

Follow the above tips, and Facebook will continue to be your number one social media tool to help your company grow through 2022.Do you want to know how well your social media strategy is serving your business?Learn about our social media marketing services and request a FREE 50-Point Marketing Audit today!


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