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What is a multichannel marketing plan?

A multichannel marketing plan is one that focuses on using a variety of inbound marketing channels, techniques, and types of content to bring in new customers and keep existing customers coming back over and over again. Multichannel marketing is important for the simple fact that your offer, your solution, your resource must be where your customers are.

This type of plan encompasses both online and offline activities. Marketers who develop multichannel plans focus on specific aspects of the entire customer journey, from the initial contact with the customer to encouraging an action, converting a sale, and continuing engagement.

Certain aspects of a multichannel marketing plan are very similar to digital-specific marketing plans. However, the disadvantage of digital-specific plans is that they can have some limitations in terms of marketing integration, which is already a major challenge for marketers. Once a business has already implemented its digital marketing plan, that plan should be integrated into the company’s overall marketing efforts rather than being seen as an entirely separate entity.

Successful multichannel marketing plans…

What value is an optimized digital customer experience if your customer has a negative experience when they pick up the phone?

A successful multichannel marketing strategy focuses on customer value, engagement, and retention instead of vanity metrics. 

It is a huge mistake to view or evaluate your digital marketing efforts without equally evaluating your entire reach. For example, let us presume you are a traveling consultant that speaks at live events and seminars. Your website is your reference deck, your slide deck is your educational vehicle and your social media is where your audience can engage with you after your presentation. Multichannel marketing is about being everywhere and encompasses both offline and online activities.

Thorough multichannel marketing plans can be helpful in many ways, including:

Creating your own clear multichannel plan

Any successful multichannel marketing plan should contain the following elements:

Your multichannel marketing plan will take into account many of the same elements a marketing plan on a single channel does but in more of a “big picture” sense. For example, which industry influencers are you able to leverage to get more visibility and improve your ROI? Which types of tracking tools are available in each specific channel to help you ensure sustained success? What are the best methods of increasing engagement in each individual channel you are using? How do you assess the value of customers across each channel?

Your multichannel marketing platform must include processes and technology that support campaign segmentation, workflow, campaign optimization based upon analytics, content creation that is multipurpose across various channels, attribution tracking, inbound and outbound call tracking by resource, response attribution, and more.

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