Will They See Your Tweets and Facebook Posts?


You’ve spent countless hours building a Twitter and Facebook following and just as many hours composing engaging tweets and status updates. It’s hard work, but you enjoy it. Only trouble is, this nagging feeling: will anyone actually see your tweets and posts?

This is a valid concern. After all, many social media users have hundreds of friends and follow dozens of businesses. How can you be sure that your messages get through the clutter? With Twitter’s real-time streams, as your messages age, they get pushed further down. If someone doesn’t see your tweet immediately, it may never be seen!

As with anything worth worrying about, speculation can drive you crazy. Find out for sure by using analytical tools. Once you know your stats, you can then do something about them.

Twitter and Facebook Analytics

Both Twitter and Facebook offer analytic tools that will show you how your posts are performing. For example, Twitter’s Tweet Activity Dashboard shows you the number of impressions, embedded media clicks, link

will they see your tweets and posts

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clicks, detail expands, favorites, retweets, and profile clicks your Twitter account is getting.

In order to use the Tweet Activity Dashboard, you will need to sign up for either Twitter Analytics or Twitter Ads.

Facebook Insights allow page managers to explore how well their pages are doing. Facebook Insights covers: Likes, Reach, Visits, Posts, and People. Simply log into your Facebook business page and click on Insights. You’ll see an overview of activity across the top and then individual boxes detailing recent page likes, post reach, and engagement. Facebook will also display your five most recent posts along with the type of post, who it’s targeting, its reach, and its engagement. From there, you can view additional posts as needed.

Taking Action

Using these tools will help to give you a better sense of whether or not anyone is seeing your tweets and Facebook posts. Not only that, they can help you to revise your strategy so that your future tweets and updates have a better chance of being seen.

Start by looking at your most popular tweets and updates. Do they share anything in common? Pay special attention to the time of day and day of week that you posted, the type of post (link, video, question, etc), and response (retweet, comment, like, etc.) to see if you can detect any patterns.

Next, based on the characteristics of your most popular posts, try to describe what goes into your ideal posts and what you want to accomplish with each type. For example, one of your ideal posts might include a funny photo posted on a Friday morning (to encourage likes and shares) while another might be a thought provoking link that includes a question (to encourage comments).

By examining what’s been successful in the past, you can replicate that success in the future.

But Will They See It?

Pay attention to when your audience is most active on Twitter and Facebook and post accordingly. You may need to experiment with different times of the week or day.

Consider using a social media scheduling tool to preschedule your posts at the most optimal time. Scheduling tools also help you tweet or update your page more effectively as you can handle a full week’s, month’s, or even year’s worth of posts in a single session.

Consider boosting your most important posts occasionally. Both Twitter and Facebook offer paid options to ensure that your messages get seen. In Twitter’s case, it’s called a “sponsored post.” Facebook will “boost” your posts. Both will cost you some money, making it important to choose your sponsored or boosted posts wisely.

Will your followers see every tweet or Facebook update you make? Not likely. After all, no one is on these sites 24/7. However, you can increase your posts’ visibility by using analytics, figuring out the times your audience is most active on Twitter or Facebook, and replicating success.


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