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I was browsing the internet the other day when I came across this ridiculous article, which refers to CRM software as “complacent rep management.” Aside from being a veritable wall of text that was difficult to get through, it made some outrageous and flat-out uneducated claims about the value of customer relationship management tools.

The main point of the article seems to be that CRM software bogs down sales people and is a general nuisance, but this couldn't be farther from the truth. When used correctly, CRM software is beloved by salespeople because of its ability to better help them get to know potential customers, which in turn makes it easier to close sales.

You have to remember that in today's marketplace, the buyer already has his or her mind about 80% made up when they approach a salesperson. Salespeople are now simply answering final questions for the customer, yes exceptions exist everywhere, which means they need to be better experts about the shutterstock_184448834products they are selling. CRM software helps greatly with this, as the job of a salesperson is now usually more about closing sales than creating sales opportunities. And this is the purpose of a great system!

Let's address a couple of the points that the author brought up in the article:

“The computer thinks it knows how to sell better than I do.”

This point mentioned in the article shows a hesitance (and even a fear) of adjusting to the latest technology. The “computer” isn't there to sell for you, it's there to provide you with the information you need to close the sale. There's still no replacement for great interpersonal interaction. People still buy from people and established brands that exude quality. The best of the best are such, because they have great systems, processes, accountability, form and function. The CRM is just one of those tools. Counterpoint – yes I use Infusionsoft and it can outsell 80% of sales people without such a system, and it makes our company more effective, efficient and raises sales per employee – while you're sleeping.

“What's the point of learning the software when we'll have a different one later?”

 The article brings up a point that the average tenure of a sales vice president is about 19 months, and says that a new VP will bring in a new CRM. First of all, the latter part of this is complete speculation; second, even if you do switch to a new CRM software at some point, the basics of each software are pretty similar. It's easy to adapt from one to another. As a consultant and high performing sales person for nearly 30 years, rarely the problem is the software, it's usually the internal processes, procedures, economic factors or failed leadership. Okay, but let's play the devils advocate here. What if the new VP throws out the CRM and instead goes back to legal pads and stacks of business cards in the desk drawer? The difference between the two is accessibility, retained knowledge and actionable information beyond the key holder!

“There's something fundamentally wrong with a technology you have to force people to use.”

I agree! Bad system choice or management of the system? Could be! People aren't capable of adapting to today's consumer sales process? Highly likely! The easy counter argument here is that there's something fundamentally wrong with salespeople who do not want to make it easier to close sales. Do you really want people working for you who are going to be purposefully resistant to the progress of your business? Study upon study has confirmed the effectiveness of CRM software. A system matched to the business, a system that your team is highly trained to use and a system that stops a sales funnel from leaking will make your top 20%ers even better, the rest will always need hand holding and attention. I've managed hundreds of them, myself included!

If you have any misgivings at all about using CRM software, I encourage you to contact us today at Viral Solutions for more information. We'll be happy to put you at ease with the benefits that it will provide to your business.

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