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Video on Google My Business is a new feature that Google has recently added to its production. It's a great approach to engage with clients freshly and display the individuality of your brand. Customers and businesses alike can benefit from Google My Business. With this tool, your business activity and online reputation can be monitored simultaneously, allowing you to make better business decisions. 

Furthermore, Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and YouTube rankings may be accessed using this function. Better yet, managing and updating your company information, creating a custom map listing, and more are just a few ways that Google My Business may help you manage your online presence.

What is a Video?

Video is an excellent way to distinguish yourself from the competition and show your audience who you are. Adding videos to your Google My Business page is a great place to start and help consumers engage with your company on a more personal level. 

Importance of Video to Your Business

Video marketing has been an important and effective way to reach customers in the 21st century. More than 80% of the people who watch videos online will do so with their smartphones. Adding mobile video to your business is a way to increase your presence, among other benefits outlined below:

Showcase Your Individuality

Finding a service online might be a challenge. Customers typically rely on their decisions on online reviews and its website. An excellent technique to show potential customers why you're different is to use a video.

Feature Your Artwork

Rather than a collection of still photos, a movie may highlight the quality and attention to detail that went into producing a product. You can also talk about key details that create uniqueness.

Clients are Fascinated with Videos

Videos outperform other online marketing strategies in terms of boosting sales. On the other hand, a video is more likely to pique your interest than an image. Humor, music, and atmosphere, have the potential to elicit a specific response from a viewer. They'll be more eager to use your service if you use it correctly.

Involve Your Customers

When consumers know about your goods and services, they can decide on their purchases easily. Better yet, they may feel more comfortable using your product or service if they address their frequently asked questions.

SEO Benefits 

SEO content is a critical mantra that holds for ranking a website. Google's algorithm rewards unique and relevant content. Because videos are considered content by Google, they may significantly impact your website's search engine rankings.

Business owners shooting content for a video on Google My Business to promote and market their business products and services.

What You Should Know About Video on Google My Business 

Google is pushing hard on its video platform to compete with YouTube. Given the strength of their search engine, they are well-positioned to succeed. Businesses that understand how to take advantage of Google My Business Video will be the first to have a significant presence in this new video ecosystem. But here are a few things to keep in mind:

Create Your Path 

Buyers want to know what sets your company apart from the competition. Knowing how to handle a camera as well as create a video are two essential abilities. In fact, anyone with a basic understanding of operating a camera may produce their video by pointing and shooting. They will then be able to share it with the rest of the globe. A video that pops out, on the other hand, is clear, breathes, and has a clear message and message delivery.

A Video Doesn't Always Have to be Marketing-Oriented 

You may create videos in various formats as well as a variety of ways. Explainers should also demonstrate how a problem is resolved. People who read testimonials about you and your clients may learn more about them and may be able to go further in the process of becoming a customer. It is feasible to teach people how to do things, demonstrate how a product or service works in action, and answer queries. If your business has received a recent award or nomination, show it off! 

Quality is King

Use an appropriate depth of focus, focal length, exposure, as well as other elements to create a narrative and make a product stand out. Taking the extra time to put in quality will be worth it in the long run. People will always detect whether a video was hurried or hastily put together.

Video is Essential

Because of the fall in popularity of television and the emergence of streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, and short-form content such as TikTok, video creation is more vital than ever. Video is compelling, simple to distribute, and now available in everyone's pocket.

Everything Revolves Around the Industry, Product, or Service

When creating and distributing video content, ensure that it aligns with your company's objectives and reaches the individuals you want to reach. This is not the time to make personal content. 

Qualities of a Proper Video

To get the best out of making a post using video on Google My Business, we don't just do it because we have to, but there are some things we should look at first, including:

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