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In case you haven’t noticed, your mother’s favorite retailer has changed over the past decade.

Might have even met the wrecking ball.

At the very least, the teenagers do not hang out at the mall.

Can you imagine making the investment in a brick-and-mortar store only to see it melt away? Yikes!

Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and even the main street mom and pop store have quickly adapted to the shift for online, after-hours purchases from the comfort of the home…

Oh wait—the dog is barking! Oh, just the guy in the brown truck delivering another Amazon package. You know, the company that revolutionized retail and own more than 40% of all e-commerce traffic? You’d put a smile on your box too if you owned that.

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It is 2018, and e-commerce is almost the norm for most Americans.

“Current retail trends show that 51% of Americans prefer online shopping, with ecommerce growing 23% year-over-year. Ecommerce is expected to change at an even faster rate as brands embrace the power of voice search and omni-platform/omni-device options. Voice assistants are already being used to make purchases by 40% of millennials, with that number expected to exceed 50% by 2020.”Tom Popomaronis at Forbes Magazine

E-commerce stores can look forward to tremendous growth.

At least according to most statistics. But statistics are used to predict the future; they’re not always the best forecaster, and just because the pundits predict growth does not mean your store will grow.

The problem with most small business owners is that they tend to set up an e-commerce store online and assume they’re done, never bothering to make updates. It’s important to note that simply setting up an electronic shop is not good enough.

E-commerce is constantly evolving and changing with the expectations of the online shopper.

This is how the online consumer sees your e-commerce store.

Online shoppers expect an optimized user experience. However, optimizing a store is a marketing tactic and not a customer feeling.

Consumers assume that their user experience will be a great one.

Online shoppers have no idea and frankly do not care that it takes a professional web developer and an e-commerce expert to get them to enjoy shopping with you.

Free shipping in two days? How dare you not offer that!

Every image angle imaginable? Whoa—why can’t your customer feel like they are at the store!

Where is Amazon Pay? Geez—no stored payment info!

“Wait…no same-day delivery? I want it now!”

What are the e-commerce trends for 2018 and beyond?

“It's never been easier to launch your own online store, find a product to sell, or start an advertising campaign. In the near-future we'll see even more aspiring entrepreneurs breaking through into the world of ecommerce, who may not have had the means to do so previously.” – Tomas Slimas, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Oberlo


“’Making sure your website is optimized for mobile is only the first step,’ argues Rachel Jacobs. ‘Thanks to the expiration of Amazon’s “1-Click” patent in October, we should expect the checkout process to become much simpler, making it ideal for mobile shoppers.’” Cynthia Savard Saucier, director of design at Shopify

“Statistics show that 40% of users will go to the competitor after a bad mobile experience, yet an alarming 84% have had trouble completing a mobile transaction. That is an incredibly high number, and it shows just how great the opportunity is for companies to capitalize on consumer conversion just by creating mobile responsive and user-friendly websites.”Justin Smith with OuterBox

“ROPO combines information from social media, mobile tracking/geolocation, mobile payments, in-store inventory, analytics tools, CRM systems, and more, to figure out which ads and site pages led consumers to in-store purchases.”HubSpot

“If you look at my lists on social media trends, PR trends, or content marketing trends, you’ll see some overlap — that isn’t out of laziness. It’s because the focus on customer experience has pushed every department to prioritize gaining trust with customers, developing real relationships with them, and truly making their lives easier.” – John Hall at Forbes

We see quite a few mistakes as we analyze the e-commerce platforms of prospective clients. Most of the mistakes are the same every time. In this series, we lay out what those mistakes are, how to analyze their impact, and how to overcome those you may have.

The fact of the matter is that you have made an enormous investment in e-commerce. From a consultee standpoint, we do not see a day on the horizon that will end that investment fuel. We recognize that balancing your available capital, your business goals, and your multichannel marketing strategy can be difficult, to say the least. We also know that the benefits are immense, assuming your proverbial ship comes in.

The leadership team at Viral Solutions has spent decades coaching small business owners, managing direct report salespeople, consulting businesses with both a brick-and-mortar and e-commerce presence, and providing marketing and sales process oversight to some of the top businesses in the country.

We have witnessed some common mistakes, some we see repeatedly, and concluded why they exist. Our hope is to arm you with strategy, tactics, and information so that you can compare a standard of best practices to your approach. Admittedly, some of these mistakes we have made ourselves.

Success is a horrible teacher.

E-commerce can be the Wild West. Online competition can damage your business if that competition outsmarts you. Today’s consumer is armed with more information on your offer than ever before.

Adapt to online consumer trends or risk being left behind—like that mall your kids used to hang out at.


At Viral Solutions we are committed to seeing YOU succeed. It is our goal to grow your business with proven digital marketing strategies that will help your business for the long haul.

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